Summary: Christmas Eve 2009 Message

Christmas Eve 2009 • The Star of Christmas • MT 1:18-2:2,9-12

Opening: Most overlooked part of the Nativity is not a person but a presence. For a few moments this evening, I want us to consider the Star of Christmas…

1) The Person of Christmas (Jesus)

a. We have gathered tonight to celebrate the reality that God took the initiative to send His only Son, Jesus, into this world not to condemn the world but to save it ultimately through His death & resurrection.

2) The Pursuit of Christmas (Magi)

a. 1st appear in history about 7BC as a tribe in Eastern Mesopotamia

b. Skilled in astronomy & astrology and had developed a religious system

c. Very knowledgeable of science, agriculture, mathematics, history – very influential

d. Not given much detailed information but definitely arrived East of modern-day Palestine

e. Magi = from the rising of the sun = orient

f. When they arrive in Jerusalem, the Greek text suggests that they went around the city asking those they met… surprised no one knew what they were talking about…

3) The Presence of Christmas (Star)

a. Much speculation about it… Some say Jupiter (king of the planets) others say it was the view of Jupiter & Saturn creating a formation in the sky… others claim it was a low-hanging meteor or erratic comet…

b. Most scholars, believe that the star was the glory of God manifested as light. (Not new)

c. Both the Hebrew & Greek word for star were also used to represent a great brilliance or radiance

d. Explains why it came to rest directly over the house where Jesus and his family now lived…

e. WE COULD TALK TONIGHT about the fact that...

i. Wise men were seeking Jesus

ii. Wise men came to worship Messiah

iii. Wise men brought the best gifts to Jesus

f. If the star is indeed the manifested Glory of God what happened to it?

g. If you are here tonight, and you by faith have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior and experienced His forgiveness from your sin, when you made that decision, Bible says the Holy Spirit took up residence in you.

h. The Holy Spirit is the presence of God. The Star of Christmas resides within God’s people.

i. The Star of Christmas had one purpose… to light the way to Jesus…

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