Summary: God wins!

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• Robyn and I used to love to watch that show, the stories were heart-warming and the sacrifices people made to help others were self-less. People were willing to make sacrifices to help these families in need of a home.

• The show would coordinate the community to help what seemed to be impossible for the needy family to become a reality/

• The stories and the sacrifices people would make could bring tears to your eyes knowing there are still awesome people out there who are willing to help.

• The best part of the show was when Ty would yell out, “MOVE THAT BUS!”

• The overwhelming joy displayed as the family would for the first time see their impossible dream become a reality as they gazed upon their new tailor-made home was a sight to behold!

• It is a moment for the family where everything works out for their God.

• This is a picture of the Book of Revelation! The book paints for us a picture of what will be!

• Paul’s writings give us a good systematic unpacking of faith whereas John in the book of Revelation artfully uses metaphors to paint a beautiful picture of the upper story blessing God has in store for His people.

• God has a place for us, a place where all the injustices, pain, and suffering are gone. A place where all WILL be made right. God has a tailor-built home for each of us who are His!

• Today we are in the final chapter of our journey through The Story we have one of those MOVE THAT BUS moment as we see the future God has in store for us!

• The final chapter of The Story is not the end, but it is a new beginning!

• Let see what the book of Revelation let us see why we can look forward to our MOVE THAT BUS moment with God!

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I. The Book of Revelation presents to us the triumphant Christ.

• I love to listen to Cardinal baseball and this time of the year is really fun for Cardinal fans because the team I root for us usually in the playoff hunt. As I listen to the close games my heart rate elevates, my tension level raises with every pitch.

• You know why, because I want my team to WIN! When the game is in the balance there is a lot of tension until victory is assured.

• I listen to the games on MY MLB app on my IPhone. On the app you can listen to the audio broadcast (and watch it if you pay more) and they have a feature called Gameday that gives you a pitch by pitch animation.

• Well the Gameday is usually a couple of pitches ahead of the broadcast so I can tell what is happening with the game before the broadcast tells me.

• When I saw that Rosenthal got the final out in the game Thursday before I heard it, I was relieved and excited before the broadcast told me what happened.

• Well in the book of Revelation, we get the Gameday version of what is going to happen before it is broadcast!

• In the book of Revelation, we are ASSURED that in the end God wins!

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