Summary: Inspired by Frazee and Lucado

From Shepherd to King - Week 11

November 21, 2010

Last week, I spoke about distortions, then on Tuesday I received this from my mother in law. I thought it was pretty funny, but just amazing how easily we can be fooled; and how people distort what is really the truth. Okay, let’s move on, but keep it in your mind just how easy it is to distort the truth and seeing isn’t believing. That will come in handy today.

There were 3 men who loved to golf. They would golf several times per week. One day they were golfing and a terrible thunderstorm came and the lightening struck all 3 of them and they died. They were all Christ followers so they all went to heaven and met St. Peter at the pearly gates, and St. Peter asked if they had any questions. They all wanted to know if there was golf in heaven. St. Peter smiled and said, “There are the most beautiful courses you’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t cost anything to play and you can play anytime you like. There’s only one thing you need to know, don’t hit any of the ducks with your golf ball. If you do, you’ll regret it.

They weren’t real sure what he meant, but they weren’t overly concerned. They played everyday at the greatest courses created. Then one day, one of the men hit a duck with his ball. And off in the distance comes St. Peter and with St. Peter is a woman who is not the prettiest woman. St. Peter said, I warned you not to hit a duck, so your punishment is you will be handcuffed to her for all eternity. And away he went. And there were 2 left.

The other two weren’t sure what to do. But they couldn’t stop playing golf. So, they agreed they would be extra careful and not hit any ducks. Well, a whole month goes by and sure enough, one of them hits a duck. Sure enough, here comes St. Peter with another not so attractive woman. He told the man, I told you not to hit any of the ducks. So, he handcuffed him to her and took him away for all eternity. Now, it’s one man by himself.

He doesn’t know what to do. He decides he’s going to keep playing golf, but he’ll be extra, extra careful. He’s playing great golf and he hasn’t hit a duck for one month, then for 2 months, and 3 and for 6 whole months he has not hit a duck. Then he sees St. Peter coming toward him with a beautiful woman, and St. Peter handcuffs him to this beautiful girl and he cries out, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.” And she says, “I don’t know what you did, but I hit a duck.”

Wouldn’t it be terrible to enter heaven and discover the same emphasis on our outward appearance that we experienced on earth which intimidates us, is the same way the game is played in heaven. Wouldn’t that be horrible? Well, I have good news for you, as we look at Chapter 11 of The Story. We’re going to learn that not only does God not keep score in heaven, on the basis of our outward appearance, but the great news is that this is not how God keeps score on earth. AMEN?!

As you turn to chapter 11 (1 Samuel 16) in The Story, let me remind you of where we left off. The people requested that they have a king, and God allowed this, even though it wasn’t part of His perfect plan. Why doesn’t God want Israel to have a human king? It’s pretty simple. God does not want to put a layer between the people and Himself.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen sin come into the picture way back in chapter 1 as Adam and Eve sin, and this sin causes us to be separated from God. God’s perfect plan was to walk with us and dwell with us in the cool of the day, as He did with Adam and Eve. The rest of the story tells of God’s desire to get us back. So He creates this nation of Israel and it’s through Israel that God will reveal Himself, His character and nature. Ultimately He reveals His plan to get us back. God wanted the people to see Him purely for who He is, but He allows a human king.

The first king was Saul. On the outside he was magnificent, he was tall and strong and handsome. Kind of like me . . . at least 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Saul was the peoples choice. We also see Saul doesn’t work out. Along with the priests, Saul distorted God’s plan. They don’t see a holy, loving and just God, they’re getting an image of God as cruel and greedy. Ultimately, God rejected Saul as king. And God looks for a new king and finds one. A king who was a man after God’s own heart. That would enable people to see God for who is and His plan to get us back. This man was God’s first pick, but he would have been our last pick.

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