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Summary: Hebrews Chapter Nine

The Superiority of Christ Sanctuary

Hebrews Chapter Nine

Scripture Reading: Heb. 9:1-7


1. Hebrews chapter eight examined the priesthood of Christ

a. A Better Priesthood (1-5)

b. A Better Covenant (6-9)

c. A Better Promise (10-13)

2. In this chapter Paul will show why the Tabernacle of Christ is superior to the Old Testament Tabernacle.

a. The Old Testament Tabernacle (1-10)

b. The Heavenly Tabernacle (11-28)

3. The Tabernacle

a. The reason the author focuses on the tabernacle as opposed to the temple may have been because his readers were conservative Jews who where unsatisfied with the ordinances going on at the temple.

b. “One layer was made of goats hair cloth. It consisted of 11 “sheets,” each 45’ long, and 6’ wide, with the “sheets” fastened together with clasps of brass. This whole layer would be 66’ long and 45’ wide. A second layer was made of red leather made from ram’s skins. A third layer of covering was made of tahash (seal skins or porpoise skins?). Whether or not there was a ridge pole, higher than the walls, intended to support the outer coverings in such a way as to make a sloping roof, or whether they laid flat across the top of the boards, is not know for certain.” Reese. P.140

I. The Old Testament Tabernacle (1-10).

a. Holy Place (1-4a)

i. The Candlestick

1. It was made of pure Gold.

2. It had seven lamps

3. It gave the only light in the Tabernacle.

4. It was fed with pure olive oil

ii. The Table of Showbread

1. Was made of wood overlaid with Gold

2. They were twelve loaves made from seven quarts of fine flour.

iii. The Golden Censer (KJV) The golden altar of incense (NASB).

b. Holy of Holies (4b-5)

i. The Ark of the Covenant

1. Golden Jar of Manna

2. Aaron’s Rod

3. Tables

ii. Cherubim

iii. Mercy Seat

c. Holy Ministry (6-10)

i. Ministry of the Priest

ii. Ministry of Christ

iii. Ministry of the Tabernacle

II. The Heavenly Tabernacle (11-28)

a. The Last High Priest (11-12)

i. Christ inaugurated the “time of reformation.”

ii. Christ entered the perfect tabernacle.

iii. Christ blood is better.

1. Produces Purification

2. Produces Propitiation

3. Produces Perfect Covenant

b. The Last Will and Testament (13-17)

i. The Necessity of Jesus’ death (13-22)

ii. The Necessity of Jesus’ presence in heaven (23-28)


1. There is a great deal of symbolism seen in the New Tabernacle as compared to the old.

2. This symbolism paints a perfect picture of the New Testament Church..

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