Summary: We see His perfect life in it, as well as His painful death, His precious resurrection, and His provision of salvation, security, and satisfaction for all who will believe. Link inc. to formatted text, audio, and PowerPoint.

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Table of Shewbread

Exodus 25:23-30

Now we enter into the Tabernacle Proper...the actual tent structure. We go into the Holy Place and see the Golden Candlestick, the Altar of Incense, and the Table of Shewbread.

There’s a distinct difference in appearance on the inside than the outside in the court area. All was brass outside, reminding us of God’s wrath and judgment upon sin. But as we walk inside we realize that everything is pure gold, reminding us of the divine glory of God we are approaching unto. Oh, the splendor of our God. There is none like Him!

The table is on our right [north]. It is made of acacia wood, overlaid w/ gold. It is not large. 3’ X 1.5’ X 2’3” high. Not imposing, but most magnificent. On the 4 corners of the table are rings of gold where the staves run through making it transportable.

On the Sabbath day the priests would enter and place bread made specifically for the table. 12 fresh loaves – symbolic of the tribes of Israel. They would pour the sweet fragrance of frankincense upon that bread. They would eat that bread. Then they would eat the bread that had been so placed there on the previous Sabbath day.

Here we learn about the fellowship and satisfaction found in knowing Jesus. It’s the place of sustenance, provision, and supply. It’s about salvation, security, and satisfaction. We see His perfect life in it, as well as His painful death, His precious resurrection, and His provision for all who will believe.

1. The table pictures the Savior...

The construction:

Once again, made of acacia, the incorruptible wood, harder than oak, taken from the earth, but not susceptible to the earth. Just like Jesus in His holy humanity. He had an earthly body but it never saw corruption, for He never knew sin. The gold speaks of His deity with Him all the while.

The crowns:

v. 25-26 We serve a crowned Savior. His first crown was of thorns. They mocked Him that day, w/ a robe and scepter as well, bowing to Him in a mockery...followed by spitting and smiting. They will bow their knees again some day, only this time He won’t be wearing a crown of thorns, but a royal diadem, crowned KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. “All hail the power of Jesus’ name...and crown Him Lord of all!”

2. The table pictures Salvation...

When God invited you to be saved He was inviting you to feast at HIS table. A parable in Mt. 22 was about the marriage of the King’s son, and all were invited to come, but the who’s who wouldn’t come...they made excuse and were too busy. The servants went out and compelled all to come in the highways and hedges. His table is big enough and plentiful for all.

In 2 Samuel 9 King David remembered a promise he made to be good to the house of Saul for his friend Jonathan’s sake. He went to the servants and asked if there was anyone there, alive of the house of Saul. There was one little boy, crippled, of the house of Saul, in the land of Lodebar, named Mephibosheth.

David sent for him. Imagine the fear that boy must’ve had being sent for by an ‘enemy’ of his family. But David said to him, thou shalt eat bread always at my table continually.

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