Summary: The importance of theology in the Christian life

The Teachings of Sound Theology

Colossians 2:6-23

Introduction: Theology, it¡¦s a big word, sounds real complicated, but it isn¡¦t. Like everything else man can make it complicated, but it doesn¡¦t have to be. In its simplest terms, theology is what one believes about God. Since everything we are and do as a Christian is based on what we believe about God, the our theology is of utmost importance. This sermon will aid you in understanding the basics of sound theology.

I. Sound theology is experienced in our relationship with Christ; v. 6-8

A. Notice this word ¡§walk¡¨, here it refers to a journey made together by two people, in this instance the believer and Jesus.

B. Our walk is based on a ¡§firm root¡¨ and being built up, i.e. growing

1. Illustration: In front of my old house there was a bush, probably older than me, that¡¦s roots had became old and un-attached, I simply pulled it up, the roots were only inches below the soil.

2. Our salvation roots must be deep an strong, and will result in growth

C. Our walk is based on instruction

D. What does this have to do with sound theology?

1. The church had come under attack from false teachers who taught additions to faith were needed for salvation, this affected the walk of those in the church¡Kthis is made clear in verse 8

a. The church was not to be taken ¡§captive¡¨¡Kthis refers to a slave trader taking captive his slaves

b. Illustration: Satan tries to take us captive by claiming that Jesus isn¡¦t enough or that we can¡¦t be good enough, both are lies and can be confronted by sound theology

2. Our walk, and theology must be based on sound doctrinal teachings, with that in mind let us see three things about sound theology

II. Sound theology is the correct understanding about Jesus; v. 9

A. He is God incarnated

B. The Gnostics of the church felt that all flesh was evil, therefore, either Jesus was not truly God, or he did not have a true body, because a holy God could not have dwelt in flesh

III. Sound theology is the correct understanding of the dynamics of salvation; v. 10-15

A. The completeness of salvation (10)

1. This demonstrates the lacking we have before we are saved

2. This also demonstrates the completeness of our salvation

„h It is lacking nothing, it needs not our works to finish it off

„h It is the salvation that makes us complete

B. The removal of the sinful nature (11)

1. Described by circumcision

2. The act of circumcision needs no explanation, however the image merits a comment, to the Jews to be circumcised was to have the sin cuts away, it also devoted the person to God

3. Spiritually the believer is circumcised, when saved the sins are cut away, the believer is also devoted to God

C. The identification and union with Christ (12)

1. Pictured in baptism

D. The redemptive aspect of salvation (13-15)

1. To be redeemed is to be bought back, that¡¦s what Jesus did on the Cross, he bought us back from Satan

a. While under the control of Satan we were dead

b. After salvation we are now alive

2. To be redeemed is to be set free from sin debt

a. Jesus canceled our sin debt on the Cross

b. In the 1st century there was no paper, they used papyrus or parchment¡Koften it was wiped clean to be used again, this is the picture here

c. Illustration: Our debt is canceled. When you cancel payment on a check it is rendered useless. Our sin debt, Satan¡¦s claim to our soul, is rendered useless, he no longer can use our sin to control us or accuse us.

3. The barrier between us and God has been removed

a. This is a double picture

b. In the 1st century debts were cancelled by nailing the receipt to a post this stood as a testimony to the cancellation of the debt.

c. This also points the saint to the proper place for assurance, not in himself, but in the Cross, where sins are affixiated.

IV. Sound theology is the correct understanding of the freedom of salvation; v. 16-23

A. To be bound to a list of rules is to be ¡§defrauded of a prize¡¨¡Kthe Christian prize is the freedom to approach God not based on our merits but based on Christ

B. The Colossian heretics had a list of rules that they felt made superior saints

1. Follow the OT food laws

2. Seek after ¡§visions¡¨

3. Neglect the body for deeper spirituality

C. Notice what happens, they take us away from the ¡§head¡¨, v. 19..we loose our Christ focus, and focus on ourselves, this leads to one of two things

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