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Summary: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS – Family Matters What is God’s purpose for the family? The Family Matters of Marriage: – the PURPOSE, Partnership  Pleasure  Procreation – the PRIORITY  Promise of Devotion  Persistent – PURIT

Exodus 20:3-17 (NIV)

[3] You shall have no other gods before me.

[4] You shall not make for yourself an idol. . .

[7] You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. . .

[8] Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. . .

[12] Honor your father and your mother. . .

[13] You shall not murder.

[14] You shall not commit adultery.

[15] You shall not steal.

[16] You shall not give false testimony . . .

[17] You shall not covet.


Are the 10 commandments the still valid for today? According to a March 2007 Newsweek poll 82% of Americans consider themselves a Christian and 91% believe in God.1 While this may sound good, only 9% of all born again adults and just 51% of pastors hold to a Biblical worldview—to believe that the Bible has absolute moral truth.2 For the record you need to know that I’m a part of that 51% that hold to a Biblical worldview. Yet such statistics cause me to wonder if more than one in 10 of you accept the Bible as authoritative in your daily life. I read somewhere that only 40% of Americans believe in five out of 10 of the Ten Commandments (I wonder which five). Are you among the minority of Americans who would accept the Ten Commandments as relevant for today? The Ten Commandments are foundational to our lives. We want to claim the blessing of God without following God’s basic plan. God has not established these commandments to prohibit our freedom, rather these commandments are given to lead us into God’s blessing.

(1 http://www.christianpost.com/article/20070402/26658_Poll:_9_of_10_Americans_Believe_in_God;_Nearly_Half_Rejects_Evolution.htm 2http://www.barna.org/FlexPage.aspx?Page=BarnaUpdate&BarnaUpdateID=156)

What has caused people to not have a Biblical worldview and to edit the Ten Commandments to please one’s self? Maybe it’s not just the preacher you listen to. A study of 104 leading television writers and executives conducted by the center for media and public affairs found that Hollywood’s views run far from the mainstream of public opinion. For instance while 85% of Americans believe adultery is wrong only 49% of T V’s writers and executives do. Only 59% of Americans believe a woman has a right to an abortion compared to 97% of Hollywood’s executives. Only 4% of Americans claim no religious affiliation but 45% of the TV writers and executives have no religious affiliation. (Reported in Newsweek 7/20/92) Where are you finding your world view, at church or from the TV?

It’s no wonder that we are inundated with messages about sex that are contrary to god’s seventh commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Warning this sermon is rated R. R for Real that is, or maybe I should say Relevant.

This morning were going to take a closer look at the seventh commandment, “you shall not commit adultery.” FAMILY MATTERS (not the TV show by that name). Family matters to God. The family is the cornerstone or foundation of our society. If our families fall apart so too will our communities and nation. In the same way the owner’s Manual of our car instructs us in the proper care and maintenance of our vehicle so too the bible is our Manual for life. Therefore, we’re going to look at what the bible teaches about marriage focusing on the PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE, the PRIORITY OF MARRIAGE and PURITY IN MARRIAGE. (If you’re counting you’ll find seven P’s tucked away within these three main points to help you have a successful marriage and family.)


1. Marriage is a PARTNERSHIP.

a) A healthy marriage begins with the understanding that marriage is designed by God. God has a purpose for your marriage. As we’ll see the purpose of your marriage has three essential parts and each comes in a specific order as designed by God. The first and foundational element of every marriage is PARTNERSHIP.

Genesis 2:18 NIV

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

b) If you are familiar with the story of creation then you know that Adam was already productive without Eve. God had given Adam the job of caring for the garden and in addition to that Adam had the responsibility to name all the animals. Adam had already gone to work doing what god required of him, but God knew that Adam was not complete with out Eve. The Lord said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.”

c) Guys we need to understand this dynamic and purpose of our marriage relationship. We may enjoy our work and have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment with a job well done, but our job or work will leave us emotionally empty. We need a companion or a life partner so we do not go through life emotionally incomplete. Adam enjoyed an unbroken fellowship with god, but the lord knew that Adam also needed the hand of his wife to hold throughout the journey of life. God never intended for man four for a woman to live alone.

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