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Summary: A message on the three facts of redemption.


Isaiah 45:22 (quickview) 

INTRO: There are three great facts in Redemption. There is the atonement, the advocacy, and the advent. These represent the Shed Blood of Christ, the Intervention of Jesus for us at the side of God, and the Return of Jesus for His Bride, the Church.

There are three looks that correspond to these three facts. Today we shall look at these three looks.

I. THERE IS THE BACKWARD LOOK (Isaiah 45:22 (quickview) ).

A. The eye is first carried back to the cross and to

Christ’s finished work upon the cross.

B. There is life for a look at the Crucified Savior,

there is life at this moment for you.

C. This is the place of Atonement.

II. THERE IS THE UPWARD LOOK (Hebrews 12:2 (quickview) ).

A. There Jesus is in the place of the Advocate.

B. Better for us that he is now there than in the grave.

1. A lawyer must be in the courtroom if he is to conduct

the trial of his client.

2. Christ has gone "To appear in the presence of God for


III. THERE IS THE ONWARD LOOK (Titus 2:13 (quickview) ).

A. This is the Advent (second coming).

B. This is the true expectation of the believer who waits

for the full salvation.

C. Jesus compares Himself unto a nobleman gone to receive

for himself a kingdom and then returns (Luke 19:12 (quickview) ).

D. We are waiting for His return so that we may share

that kingdom with him.

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