Summary: Chapter 3 of the ongoing saga.

The Time Traveller Chapter 3

So here we are again, ready for our next instalment of the Time Traveller.

I have nothing special to say at the beginning of this chapter, but I would beg that you forgive in advance some of the self love I am going to manifest today.

After John’s visit to see the prophet Enoch, there was a flash of light, and he found himself again inside the Vapour.

John was initially a little shocked to find that he was one moment talking to Enoch and the next moment he was back inside his time machine. But John had just started to expect the weird to happen, and so this did not come so much a shock to him as it might have done.

Wondering where he might have turned up, and what year he was in, John thought there was no use in staying inside his ship, and so he endeavoured to venture out into the open.

He opened the door a little crack, and was delighted to see that he was in the middle of a modern city.

The first thing that John noticed was that they were speaking with American accents, so he worked out from that that he was in an American City.

Then he saw someone drive past in a very strange looking vehicle, not a car, but similar, except that it hovered above the ground, rather than rolling along on wheels. It reminded John a bit of Star Wars.

It was obviously a later year, and sometime in the future, but John couldn’t begin to guess the date. He didn’t want to ask a passer-by as he was afraid that they might think he was insane, or mentally unwell. So he decided to go to a store and buy a news paper.

He wandered around the town for a while until he found a little corner store, which he entered into. John learned a lot from entering into that store. First he discovered that he was in New York City, by looking at the different magazines and seeing that all the local papers were New York papers. He also found out that the date was 8th September 2050. And then he discovered that they believed very strongly that the world was going to end on the 15th September. John bought the New York Times, to have a look at later. There was no human at the store counter; instead there was a robot, which seemed to speak perfect English.

John found a nice little park, where there was a bench, where he sat down and read his news paper. He read about a famous evangelist by the name of Michael Buckingham, who was telling everyone that it was merely a myth that the world will end, because, as he argued, that the day that Christ returns will be the day that the world ends, and that day is said in the Bible that no man can know the day or the hour when these things shall happen.

This seemed to catch John’s attention, and he intended to seek out this man, and learn from him.

It wasn’t that hard a job for John to seek out Michael Buckingham, he was so well known in the city of New York, that all he needed to do is ask one person where he lived, and he was directed to the very door.

The house was nothing so grand, it was not like anything John had expected from most famous evangelists who seem to preach about contentment and moderation, but do not live by their rules. Michael Buckingham’s house was small and moderate.

John rang the door bell. A beautiful young lady answered the door; she was about the same age as John. When John had told her about how he had heard of Michael Buckingham, and that he was keen to meet him, she told him that he was her father, and that he always welcomes guests.

The young lady led John into the sitting room where Michael Buckingham was sitting. Michael immediately stood up and introduced himself as “Michael”.

John then introduced himself. And Michael said, “I trust you have already met my daughter Ofelia?”

John turned to Ofelia and smiled, “Ofelia, that’s a lovely name!”

“You are dressed very strangely my friend!” said Michael, “You wear clothes as if you were an old man like me. Have you come far?”

“Yes, Indeed” Said John, “very far, but I don’t think you would believe me if I told you.”

Michael Answered, “Maybe you’re right, I feel to have a problem believing sometimes. It’s my old nature getting the better of me”

Ofelia stood up and asked John if he would like a cup of “Lyang”. John had no clue what Lyang was but assumed that it was the futuristic version of coffee of tea. And in any case, the way that Ofelia, looked at John, I don’t think he could refuse anything, so he said, “Yes please!”

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