Summary: Modern academia is more a quagmire of deception than a beacon of truth; know what lies are being told on campus and why they just aren't true.

The Top 12 Lies you’ll hear in College

Note: There are numerous sources for the information here.

Jn.8:32 - Jesus says, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Denzel Washington started out the “Great Debaters” saying, “I am here to help you to find, take back, and keep your righteous mind.”

That is the goal of this talk, to equip you to stand strong in your faith in the midst of an onslaught.

There are a ton of lies you’ll hear in college...Here are a 12 big ones!

Lie #1 - Your professor knows everything.

We’ve had profs encourage students to consider suicide, kick students that differ politically and even admit to routinely lying to their students to “see if they’re paying attention.”

Every professor you meet will have some kind of agenda (not necessarily a bad one); you’ve just got to learn to be discerning and wise about what you hear.

Lie #2 - is a lie already being told: there is no absolute Truth.

When you hear that one, ask if they believe that statement is true. Then ask if they plan to give out all As.

Lie #3 - Says all religions are the same.

Steve Turner illustrated the naivete of that statement saying, "...all religions are basically the same...They all believe in love and goodness. They only differ on matters of creation, sin, heaven, hell, God and salvation."

Lie #4 - Tells us Christianity is intolerant (...and so is math!!!)

Claiming exclusivity is the nature of truth.

It is not intolerant to say one is right and another is wrong.

Every class you are in will grade you according to that paradigm.

It is important to know the Truth and recognize it is true and then to be loving, receiving and tolerant of those that may disagree with you.

Gregory Koukl makes a great distinction in Tactics, saying, “Jesus' teaching made some people furious. Just make sure it's your ideas that offend and not you, that your beliefs cause the dispute and not your behavior.”

And on that note...Christians do owe an apology to a lot of people we’ve hurt. Be quick to show those people God’s love.

Lie #5 - The party scene is fulfilling.

Partying, drinking, drugs and sexual experimentation will leave you lonely, insecure, afraid, empty, lost, confused and searching for acceptance and love.

The party scene will chew you up and spit you out. It will not satisfy.

50% of college students will be so depressed during college they will be unable to function. The American College Health Association

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among these students.

In a recent survey done by MTV, 42% of college students said they felt lonely.

Compare that with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control and the abundant life Christ offers. Only Jesus satisfies!

Lie #6 - Porn, hooking up and sex outside of marriage are satisfying.

Porn is everywhere. It doesn’t satisfy and will kill!

Physical pain:

65 Million Americans have an incurable STD.

Stanford University estimates that 25% of college students have an incurable STD.

Emotional pain.

Broken relationships, broken marriages, broken families at an all time high.

Don’t wait because of all that though, wait because of the GREAT marriage and sex God has planned for you.

Lie #7 - I can get my life right with God later.

Student story.

Lie #8 - I don’t need fellowship.

Over 80% of incoming Christian students will walk away from God this year.

You can connect with God anywhere and anytime but you need others to keep you strong.

Challenge: commit here or somewhere else!

Lie #9 - Science and Christianity don’t mix.

1st misconception: faith and data don’t mix.

All knowledge requires a level of faith and all faith requires a level of knowledge.

2nd misconception: evolution destroys Christianity.

If it occurred it would be observed in the fossil record - it is not!

If it occurred it would have a scientifically confirmable method - it does not!

If it occurred it would have to explain how life came from non-life - It does not.

If it occurred it would have to explain the origin of design and information - it does not!.

If it occurred it would have to explain the existence of matter it does not.

By their own admission it can’t rule out God.

3rd misconception: The Bible is scientifically inaccurate.

The BIble is full of science and many of the most famous scientists in history have been Christians!

A few examples.

Radioactive decay: 2 Peter 3:10.

Becquerel, a Christian, is the scientist that discovered that in 1896. The Bible described it in 65 AD - The Bible wins by 1,831 years!

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