Summary: Jesus dealt with a woman who faced a desperate situation. She had faced an infirmity for twelve long years, and spent all she had in search of healing. When all she had left was faith, she discovered that she had all she needed.

The Touch of Deliverance

Mark 5: 24-34

As we continue through Mark’s gospel, we come to a woman who faced great difficulty in life. This account takes place within the intense moments for Jairus as he waited for Jesus to make it to his house and heal his young daughter. As we examine the situation, we will discover the woman had exhausted every available avenue for healing, and yet she was no better. In fact, her condition continued to deteriorate. As she dealt with one disappointing failure after another, she was left with one final option – faith in the Lord. She was desperate and sought the Lord by faith. This act of faith brought the solution she so desperately sought.

While we may not be able to relate to the exact circumstances of this woman, her life stands as a tremendous testimony of the benefits of walking by faith. When faith was all she had, she discovered she had all she needed. Life is difficult, and walking by faith alone is never easy. However, time and again we find in the Bible that God honors faith. We may be unable to resolve the difficulties we face, but we serve one who can handle any problem we have. Like the woman in the text, we must seek the Lord in faith if we are to experience victory.

As we consider the struggles she faced, I want to discuss: The Touch of Deliverance. Her journey of faith should encourage us to continue by faith.

I. The Difficulty she Endured (25-26) – These verses reveal the great difficulty she faced. We discover:

A. Her Infirmity (25) – And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years. The only identification we have regarding this woman was that she had endured an issue of blood for twelve long years. Her name is not mentioned; she is identified by the infirmity she endured.

While most cannot identify with such despair, her suffering was not limited to the physical aspect of her infirmity. That alone would have created great difficulty, but her physical condition contributed to several other factors. She would have suffered socially as well. In that day, she was considered unclean and would have had very little, if any contact with other people. She lived a life of isolation as a social outcast. She also suffered financially, having spent her life’s savings in hopes of being healed. Her disease had literally brought financial ruin. All of this no doubt led to emotional suffering. Most cannot imagine dealing with such adversity for this length of time. I am sure there were times when she gave up hope and felt as if she would never be healed.

B. Her Disparity (26) – And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse. She had been to many doctors, trying one remedy after another, enduring great suffering in the process, and yet she was not better. In fact, things had not improved at all. The longer she continued in this situation, the worse it got. She had tried everything imaginable, and yet her suffering continued. She was desperate for healing.

Many today are much the same. They exhaust their efforts and resources searching for real joy and peace. They spend their lives seeking that one thing that could satisfy. Sadly, most of the time their lives don’t get any better, but they continue to worsen with time. The endless search continues with little or no comfort. The search will continue until they meet the Lord. He alone has the power to transform our lives and give us that we so desperately seek.

This woman’s plans and attempts ended in failure. You will never possess what you need in life apart from Christ! There may be some small victories and joys, but Jesus is the only answer for the cares and troubles of life. She traveled from one doctor to another. Many today try one vice or pleasure after another, but what they seek is not found. Faith in the Lord is our only source of hope and peace.

II. The Determination she Possessed (24, 27-28) – Although her condition continued to worsen, she had not completely given up. She was determined to receive healing. Consider:

A. The Challenge (24, 27) – And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him. [27] When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. This encounter happened during Jesus’ year of popularity. Everywhere He went, great crowds followed him. He is on His way to the home of Jairus to heal his daughter of a deathly illness. It would have been easy to have become discouraged by the crowds and the difficulty of getting to Jesus, but she was determined to get to the Lord. She pressed through the crowd, keeping her eyes on Jesus. She had to overcome the obstacle before her if she wanted to get to the Lord.

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