Summary: God judges the rebellion of man

The Tower Of Babel

Genesis 10-11

1. The Tribes (Gen 10)

A. Japheth’s descendants (Gen 10:1-5)

B. Ham’s descendants (Gen 10:6-20)

C. Shem’s descendants (Gen 10:21-32)

2. The Tower (Gen 11:1-9)

A. The place (Gen 11:1-2)

B. The plan (Gen 11:3-4)

C. The pride (Gen 11:4)

3. The Tongues (Gen 11:5-9)

A. The disturbing situation of the people.

B. The division of languages

C. The disbursement of the people.

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Marvin Wiley

commented on Sep 26, 2018

Great outline

Marvin Wiley

commented on Sep 26, 2018

They consulted the wrong men. They considered the wrong motive They constructed with the wrong material

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