Summary: This is the seventh in a series of studies on Ephesians and deals with the hallmarks of a transformed life in Christ.

The Transformed Life

Ephesians 4:17-32

As we continue to look at Paul¡¦s message concerning the early church and it¡¦s ministry, tonight we move on to a difficult and much maligned subject. The transformed life. Jesus makes it clear that Salvation is about Change ¡V it is not a magic incantation it is a change in ownership of life. Christianity is about transformation. Romans 8:29 makes it clear that saving faith moves us to be conformed to the image of Christ.

1) The Worldly Life ¡V v17-19


„Y Futility ¡V no future

„Y Darkened ¡V no understanding of reality

„Y Ignorant ¡V not stupid ¡V unlearned

„Y Hardened ¡V

„Y Sensual ¡V If it feels good do it

„Y Excluded from the life of God

2) The Spiritual Life ¡V v 20-24


„Y New Person ¡V Rebirth

„Y Renewed Spirit ¡V not only refurbished but recreated

„Y Holiness

„Y Righteousness

„Y Truth

3) The Truth of Transformation ¡V v 25-32 ¡V The truth of Christianity is found in being transformed ¡V not in being conformed. Conformed means that we mold ourselves into a form ¡V while we do need to be conformed, we desperately need to be transformed ¡V changed into something that we have not been. The truth of Christianity is not in conforming to a set of standards or acting out a part. It is in being transformed into the image of Christ. Changed by God into the likeness of His son. Transformation is not just a reshaping it¡¦s a change in substance.

„Y Transformed Thinking ¡V (v25) demonstrated in thought and speech

„Y Transformed Heart ¡V (v26) What makes us angry ¡V righteous anger not selfish

„Y Transformed Walk ¡V (v28) Changed lifestyle

„Y Transformed Ministry ¡V (v29) edification and teaching

„Y Transformed Relationships ¡V (v31-32)

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