Summary: How to deal with the trials of life.

So far we have looked at the people and the messengers.

• We have seen how they have changed and how Paul and his traveling companions have bonded with the Thessalonians

• But we have to keep in mind that has been a while since they have been together

• The Thessalonians have been living among sinful people

• And Paul is getting worried that they may have Backslidden.

So lets pick up where we left off at the beginning of Ch.3

Read 3:1-13

Paul as I said before was worried

At the end of Ch. 2:18 “We wanted very much to come to you, and I, Paul, tried again and again, but Satan prevented us.

(Examples of wanting to do something but being prevented from doing it)

• But what we see here is when Paul cant stand it any longer, since he himself cant go to them he sends Timothy

• Paul sent Timothy to check up on them but at the same time

• But Another purpose of Timothy’s visit was to make sure the Christians wouldn’t lose their spiritual balance and stability

• As a result of the trials they were going through (cf. 2:14).

• Paul didn’t want them to become unsettled.

• Not being able to make up their minds about what they are doing.

• Paul goes on to say that trials are not necessarily a sign that God’s mad at you,

• But they are a part of every Christian’s life.

• When trouble comes, We often react by doubting that we are where God wants us to be;

• We often think that we have done something wrong and that God must be displeased with us.

• Even some mature Christians react this way,

• And this is what is happening here

• It’s obvious by Paul’s words of reassurance to Timothy many years later.

• (2 Tim. 3:12) Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

Paul Himself says I was afraid that the tempter had gotten the best of you and that our work had been useless.

• Conflicts happen in the Christian life

• The trials and testings that are a part of our lives aren’t accidents

• They are appointments.

• We have to understand that we are going to “suffer for His sake” (Phil. 1:29).

• Persecution isn’t anything new for the believer (1 Peter 4:12ff),

• Paul had repeatedly told them this while he was with them.

• And we today must warn new believers that the Christian life isn’t as easy as they think.

• If we don’t educate people about these trials and testings, when they come,

• These babes in Christ will become discouraged and defeated.

And who is the one behind all of these Trials and Testings?

• It’s Satan, the number 1 enemy of al Christian

• (1 Thes. 3:5). He is the tempter, and he seeks to ruin our faith.

• Pay attention to the emphasis on faith in this chapter.

• Satan can be compared to a roaring lion,

• (1 Peter 5:8-9) Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. 9 Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith. Remember that your Christian brothers and sisters* all over the world are going through the same kind of suffering you are.

He stalks believers; and we have to resist him

• When Satan tempted Eve, he began by weakening her faith in God:

• (Gen. 3:1) Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

• As a serpent, Satan deceives; But as a lion, he devours.

• He will use any means possible to attack a Christian and weaken their faith in God.

• Satan often flatters the believer in order to lead him astray.

• Satan told Eve she would be like God if she ate of the tree,

• And she fell for his flattery.

• Satan is more dangerous when he flatters than when he frowns.

Timothy’s task was to establish these believers, to encourage them and to comfort them in their faith.

• Because it’s faith in God that keeps our feet on the ground when the enemy attacks.

• If we didn’t have Faith in God, we would be defeated.

• (1 John 5:4). For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.

The believer is built up by the Word of God

• Paul reminds them of the Word that he has already taught them.

• He had warned them that troubles were coming,

• But it seems like they may had forgotten what he had taught them.

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