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Summary: Now we come to Revelation 16, which comprises the vials of God’s wrath. It is interesting when you study these vials that there is a striking similarity between the judgments under all the vials, except vial number four, and the plagues poured out in Egy

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The following is an overall outline of the Book of Revelation. We pick up with part 3 of this message, “The Tribulation and the Second Coming.”

Part I

I. The Introduction the Book (Rev. 1:1-3)

II. The Visions of God (Rev. 1:4-20)

III. The Visions of Grace (Rev. 2:1 -- 3:22)

IV. The Visions of Government (Rev. 4:1 -- 20:15)

A) The Hallelujahs in Heaven (Rev. 4:1 -- 5:14)

B) The Horrors on Earth (Rev. 6:1 -- 20:15)

1) The seals—a world ruined by men

Part II

2) The trumpets—a world ruled by Satan

The Three Capital Cities

The Two Witnesses

The Believing Jewish Remnant

The Two Beasts

The Scene Back in Heaven

Part III

3) The vials—a World Rescued by God.

The Two Babylons

The Scarlet Woman

The Antichrist

The Fallen Babylon

Events in Heaven

V. The Visions of Glory (Rev. 21:1 -- 22:7)

VI. The Conclusion of the Book (Rev. 22:8-21)


Now we come to Revelation 16, which comprises the vials of God’s wrath. It is interesting when you study these vials that there is a striking similarity between the judgments under all the vials, except vial number four, and the plagues poured out in Egypt in the days of Moses. For example, vial number one is the same as plague number six in Egypt--boils. Vials number two and three are the same as plague number one--blood. Vial number five is the same as plague number nine--darkness. Vial number six is the same as plague number two--frogs. Vial number seven is the same as plague number seven in Egypt--hail. This suggests that, for the most part, the events described under the vials will be literal happenings.

The purpose of the vial judgments is to break the grip of the beast on this planet. The world, under the seals was ruined by man, and under the trumpets was ruled by Satan, and under the vials become a world rescued by God. Men are now going to learn that there are very real limits to the beast’s power, that he is impotent to deter the terrible judgments now aimed against him and his subjects by the true and living God.


The first plague will be directed against those who have received the beast’s mark imprinted on their flesh. God had warned that those who submit will suffer for it in this life and in the life to come (Revelation 19:20). The time now comes when they must pay the price for believing the lie of Satan rather than the truth of the Word of God.

The second plague will turn the sea into blood, as the blood of a dead man (Revelation 16:3). Every living creature in the sea will die.

The third plague will carry the disaster of the second vial a step further as the rivers and fountains of earth are turned into blood. One of God’s angelic administrators, called the angel of the waters, acknowledges at once the justice of this plague. “They have shed the blood of saints and prophets and thou hast given them blood to drink (Revelation 16:6). One can scarcely imagine the panic on earth when the world’s water supplies are contaminated beyond use.

The fourth plague will upset the delicate balance by which the sun pours forth its energy to maintain the earth at just the right temperature to sustain life.

As the fifth plague is poured out, an uncanny, supernatural darkness will grip the planet. The beast will also come under direct divine attack. The glamour with which men view the beast will disappear fast. For millions he will no longer be the charismatic leader he once was. The eastern nations will break off their alliances with him and confederate against him. By the time the next plague is poured out, the kings of the East will be in position to challenge him and contemplate war against him.

The sixth plague will pave the way for Armageddon. In this connection, reference is made to the drying up of the river Euphrates to prepare the way of the kings of East (Revelation 16:12). It is said that dams have been erected on the Euphrates that could stop the flow of the waters long enough to allow huge armies to cross. Their mobilization will be inspired by Satan. Three frog-like demons will be sent forth by the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet to bring about a world mobilization of all nations and the deployment of all the earth’s armies at Megiddo.

The seventh plague will bring a cry from on High, “It is done.” (verse 17) Upon finishing the work of Creation, God declared His work completed (Genesis 2:1). When the work of redemption was accomplished at Calvary, Jesus cried, “It is finished.” (John 19:30) Now, with the outpouring of the seventh vial, the way is paved for Armageddon and the personal return of Christ to end man’s abuse of the planet. Once again the cry goes forth, “It is done.” Immediately there will be outbursts in the sky that are accompanied by convulsions in the earth. The worst earthquake of all history will take place and the rebuilt city of Babylon will be catastrophically overthrown.

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