Summary: Many are lost because they did not find the true Light. They continue to live in darkness because they blind. It is exactly opposite of the life in the true Light.

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I don’t know what kind of light are you using in your houses. Are you using incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp or bar light or spot light? Which of these lights is the true light? No one can tell, because all of these give light especially when needed. But how about the light that will lead us to God, do you know who is the true Light? We need to be exact when it comes to light for our souls.

Many are lost because they did not find the true Light. They continue to live in darkness because they blind. It is exactly opposite of the life in the true Light. Because…


A. God sent witness concerning the Light, 6-8

Come to think of it, why God send somebody to witness for the Light. This is to make it sure that people will know and receive the true Light. Because many will come to deceive many, many will pretend to be the TRUE LIGHT or to be the Christ. Then and now many will say that they are the one and some others point people to other as the true light. So, God sent His own witness, a witness that comes from Him also. In fact, one Filipino preacher in Davao now claims to be Son of God in a gentile body. Now, he established his own kingdom in Buhangin, Davao City.

God doesn’t want us to be deceived. So, he made it sure that we will not be deceived by sending John the Baptist ahead of him. In fact, the witness was born 6 months than the True Light and preached ahead of him. We need to listen to this witness. In this passage John is telling us that Jesus is the True Light. It means that Jesus is the only light that can show the Father or better yet the only who can take to God’s kingdom.

Again, God doesn’t want us to be deceived but…

B. God wants all men to believe the Light through the witness, 7, 9

• This is another way of saying that there is no other way to know the Light but through the one he has sent.


A. God wants the Light to be known, 10

He was in the world, but the world doesn’t know Him. What a situation? He caused everything to exist; He is the creator of all things. And yet, no one knows Him as such. God wants Him to be known. He is not hiding this truth from any creature. That’s why he sent a witness. He gave us His word (Bible). He sent workers to preach about Jesus as the true Light.

In John 8:12, in the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus said identified Himself as the Light of the World. If their forefathers still do not understand why they have to follow the pillars of fire and cloud in the wilderness, now they are blessed to know that even then, He is leading them in the right way to God.

God wants all men to know that Jesus is the true Light. That is why on the next day (v. 29), Jesus came to be baptized by John. John said as Jesus is coming down to the Jordan River, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” And then, God himself testified that Jesus is indeed is the True Light. The Spirit descended on Jesus and a loud voice in heaven said, “Thou art my beloved son, in thee I am well pleased (Luke 3: 22 NASB).” Even God the Father and the Holy Spirit testified about Jesus.

B. God wants the Light to be received, 11

This light will not help us to see things clear unless we receive Him as own light. That’s what exactly happened to he Jews of his time. They did not understand things clearly because they reject Jesus as the true Light that John the Baptist has been witnessing for (v. 11). So, the result they did not become children of God, even though they are direct descendants of Abraham. Don’t be like the Jews of Jesus’ time. Receive Him as the true Light that will lead you to heaven with God the Father. Because…

C. God wants men to become His children through the Light, 12-13

All men lives in darkness, not only that we live in darkness, we are children of darkness. We maybe used to it, but it should not be the case. That is why, as God most treasured creation, he want us to transferred into the kingdom of Light.

If you believe that Jesus is the True Light sent by God you become a true children of God. This is the only way to become children of God. This is the will of God (v. 13). Not by the will of your parents, nor by human ritual but by the way God want it to be; by believing Jesus as the True Light as John the Baptist has been proclaiming in his time.

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