Summary: Do we trust God in everything, with our entire life?

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Sermon by Pr. Paddick Van Zyl

Oct 2014

Title: The Trust Factor


The story is told, whether fact or fictional I can not affirm, that there was a magnificent waterfall with approximate a 30 meter drop into a narrow river. On the opposite side of the waterfall was an equally beautiful garden with exotic birds. Many people desired to visit the waterfall which they did and even more desired to visit the bird garden...the problem - the only means o getting from the waterfall to the bird garden was by means of a thin steel rope across the gulf....there was an ex-circus tight rope walker who offered to take people across yet very few ventured or opted for this 'free service'....I wonder why?

Did they not trust in his ability to get them access safely?


Someone said: There are 2 reasons why we don't trust people:

•we don't know them and

•we know them

I am sure we have all had instances in life where we trusted people and they kept their promises and instances where we trusted people to our own determined.

Psalm 37:3-7;18-19;23;28;34;39-40

T-Truth of God's Word

R-Reliance upon God

U-Unwavering faith

S-Surrendered life and will

T-Tenacity (no matter what happens I will trust)


Trust operates in and thrives in an atmosphere of truth while distrust operates in an atmosphere of

un truthfulness or lies.

Psalm 15

•Reliance Upon:

God and His goodness,grace,provision and promises

Psalm 71:5-6

•Unwavering Faith:

Without faith it is impossible to please God and thus to trust Him to do what He said He will do. Faith & trust go hand in hand.

Heb 11:6

•Surrendered life & will:

Surrendering means giving up my life and rights for the will, plan and purpose o God for my life. When I trust God for His plan, which is good and perfect for me, I can rest assure that He will guide me and take care of me since I belong to Him and God takes care of His children.

Prov. 3:5-6


A 'bull dog' attitude is required in the Christian attitude of - I will not give up, I will trust God to come through in my situation.

Psalm 32:10


Mark 10:24-25


It's a fascinating story that comes out of the 1989 earthquake which almost flattened Armenia. This deadly tremor killed over 30,000 people in less than four minutes. In the midst of all the confusion of the earthquake, a father rushed to his son's school. When he arrived there he discovered the building was flat as a pancake.

Standing there looking at what was left of the school, the father remembered a promise he made to his son, "No matter what, I'll always be there for you!" Tears began to fill his eyes. It looked like a hopeless situation, but he could not take his mind off his promise.

Remembering that his son's classroom was in the back right corner of the building, the father rushed there and started digging through the rubble. As he was digging other grieving parents arrived, clutching their hearts, saying: "My son! "My daughter!" They tried to pull him off of what was left of the school saying: "It's too late!" "They're dead!" "You can't help!" "Go home!" Even a police officer and a fire-fighter told him he should go home. To everyone who tried to stop him he said, "Are you going to help me now?" They did not answer him and he continued digging for his son stone by stone.

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