Summary: We are called to live as children of light. One of the ways we do this is by living truthful lives

Living as children of Light:

The Truth and nothing but the Truth

Ephesians 4:20-25

To live as children of light means

• We don’t Distort reality

Ephesians 4:25

a. Explain deceitful lives

b. Know who you really are

c. Not always trying to get over

Things we lie about many things. Some of them are

• The stories we tell

• The what we are going to do and not going to do

We lie

• To keep from loosing something

a. Speeding ticket

b. Don’t want to get into trouble

• To gain something

a. Free gift

b. Return or refund on a exchange in a store

• Because we don’t like the truth

a. Sometimes we don’t like the truth so we make up another one

i. How good you are at something

ii. The real story to an event

1. Explaining an argument but you embellish to make you look better

We shouldn’t lie because

• We lose others trust

a. Nothing worse than being caught in a lie

b. No one believes you no more

c. Your reputation in no gone

• We forget what the truth is

a. We start to believe out lies

b. We live in a fantasy world

• It only hurts you

a. I never gains you anything

• It’s Not Christ like

a. Christ is the truth

b. There is no lying in him

c. He is who we are striving to be like

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