Summary: Let's talk about the truth. It's out there, I promise you. The bad news is that it tends to be hidden behind a phalanx of lies. The good news is the truth tends to break free.

Let's talk about the truth. It's out there, I promise you. The bad news is that it tends to be hidden behind a phalanx of lies. The good news is the truth tends to break free. All the lies, all the revisionist history, and all the smear campaigns cannot withstand the breakout power of the truth. When someone comes upon the truth it's as addicting and exciting as a viral video and just as prone to explode across the world in mere moments.

Let's cut to it shall we? We've held hands long enough. Let's wade right into it, and I'll spare you the usual pleasantries and the teeth grinding academic idioms like "let me wet your appetite" or "I have just one caveat." Nails on a chalkboard, truly. Spare me!

As I came into the worldview that I've believed and accepted now, I've gone back in my mind over things I've learned during the short years of my life. And I've come to realize more and more that I've believed lies, and I've believed things that were told to me that were not true.

And I've gone on a mission to discover what the truth really is. This has been an exhaustive process of reading dozens of books on history, science, Christianity. government, wars, and dozens of other subjects. It's far from over. But I've come to learn time and again that I'd been taught and built up into a world where certain key facts have been kept from me, and certain facts have been smeared and changed and rewritten, and certain events and ideologies have been magnified while still others were ignored or minimized.

So I'd like to share with you a few of the key discoveries I've made. Many of them are quite astonishing, yet never-the-less happen to be true.

1.The theory that religion causes all the worst wars is false. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks the so called new atheists had quite a field day taking a rope, and wrapping Islam and Christianity together, and attempting to throw them jointly into the sea. Of course they failed, but in this they attempted to tie the evils of radical Islam with the failings of Christianity and somehow show that Christianity, or "religion" in general had been the most terrible force for evil in the world.

It became an increasingly common social idiom that religion had led to more wars in human history than any other single issue. But is that true? Let us examine the most horrifying wars. Hitler was not a Christian, though he claimed to be one at one point to win over the protestants of Germany. But it was clear from what Hitler did, the fruit he as a tree produced, that he was an atheist, socialist (national socialist) putting into practice the ideas of the will to power put forth by the famous atheist Frederick Nietzsche. Joseph Stalin who committed genocide against his own people; also an atheistic communist. Mao Zedong in China, 78 million dead, also an atheistic regime. Today, North Korea is an atheistic regime, South Korea, a majority Christian nation, and highly prosperous.

In comparison, as far as Christianity goes, if you look to the very worst crimes of supposed Christians over the ages you could go to the Spanish inquisition. How many people were killed? About 2,000. What about the Salem witch trials? Hundreds of thousands? No, the total was 19 people. What about the crusades? Well, it's important to remember that the crusades were a defensive war, a fight against Muslim conquerors who were invading Europe. A pope called for a "holy war" to fight off the invaders. Was that a mistake? Maybe, maybe not. I suppose it depends on your view of the idea of a just war. Do Christians have the right to defend themselves against invaders? I believe they do. Obviously it didn't go very well. No one really knows how many died, but an estimate could be about 1 million people. Still nowhere near the genocides by atheistic dictators.

As far as wars, according to a history of wars, only about 9% of wars throughout human history were motivated by a connection to a world religion. And if you substitute Islam from the bunch, the number goes down to 3.2%. In conclusion, the suggestion that religion is the root cause of most wars is utterly bankrupt and false. It's a total lie.

2. "Science is paving the way to the future and religion is declining as science discovers why everything actually works." That's the suggestion anyway. The general idea is that science is disproving everything religious people believe in, and showing that religion is dumb, and solving all of humanity's problems and everything is just great because the great atheists of history developed the scientific method and fought back the evils of religion. Sound familiar? Oh yes it does. Too bad it's not true.

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