Summary: Part 1 of a 5 part series used for VBS at Welcome Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Lemont Il.

Welcome Hill VBS 2007 – Treasure #1 – Salvation

Acts 8:27

What would you class as treasure?

Dictionary definition - Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables. Valuable or precious possessions of any kind.

Pirates are always looking for treasure, and they have certain tools - a map to tell them where the treasure is, a compass to guide them and a shovel to dig up the treasure.

We have been given these same tools in our quest for treasure. However the treasure that we seek is not silver or gold – it is far more precious. You see this kind of treasure does not satisfy us.

• We might think that money would make us happy?

• We might think that stuff would make us happy?

• We might think that position (captain of team etc..) might make us happy

None of these things last, and none of them will bring eternal happiness.

Let’s look at this man we just read about and see how he had all of the things we just talked about.

He had money – Verse 27

He had stuff – As the treasure – he was a wealthy man – he had servants, back home he would have had a palace of his own.

He had position – he was the second most powerful man in Ethiopia next to the king.

The eunuch had all these “Treasures” yet he went on a treasure hunt that would take him miles away from home –

Pirates are willing to travel to the opposite end of the earth in search for treasure. They are willing to risk their lives in order to find that buried chest. They are willing to do whatever it takes in order to get their hands on that gold!!

The eunuch was in a similar position with his treasure hunt. In these days Ethiopia was a couple of hundred miles away from Israel – this man had travelled a great distance looking for this treasure – some say 200 miles others say closer to 500.

That’s not far you say – only 4 hrs (200) 10 hours (500). In a car yes, on a hoarse drawn chariot a lot longer. No rest stops, no McD’s, waffle House etc..

He didn’t exactly risk his life though did he? – Well we are told in Verse 26 that he had a bit of travelling to do through the dessert. He did not have A/C.

Not only was he willing to risk his life but he also had the tools needed to find the treasure. We have these same tools today and I would like to look at each one.

I. The Treasure Map– The Bible

When you have a treasure map, what marks the spot where the treasure is buried? X

How is the Bible our treasure map? What is another word for X – cross. The cross, (X) marks the spot where we can find the most valuable treasure of all time.

The Lord Jesus Christ is on every page of the Bible – for example – The Ark???

The eunuch had the Treasure Map – The Bible Acts 8:28 – he was reading the book of Isaiah 53:7-8 – This talks about Jesus being the perfect sacrifice (Lamb) the only one who could pay for our sins

Jesus left Heaven’s glory to come to earth. Beaten, despised, rejected, spit upon, beaten, nailed to a cross, and died.

II. The Compass – God

A compass is a Guide… It will make sure you are going in the right direction.

When the Sampsons came to Wales – they did not know their way around, so that they didn’t get lost or lose their way, we were their guides. They might have seen the things they saw without us, but it could have taken a whole lot longer – and knowing Billy – he would have go lost.

It is wise to have a guide – all through our life.

Toddlers – Parents guide us – Fire – don’t touch. Road – don’t cross

Junior High – Teachers to guide to do more difficult work – You couldn’t work out fractions on your own – you need someone to guide you.

Teens – Careers people guide us

God is our ultimate guide. Look how His hand was in the situation we read about.

God sends and angel to tell Philip that he needs to go south (where he will meet this man of Ethiopia) Verse 26

The God’s Spirit tells Philip to go and witness Verse 29

God WILL guide you – Proverbs 3:5-6

III. The Shovel – The Christian

We as Christians are the shovels – Mark 16:15

Philip here helps the eunuch to dig for the treasure. He did not understand the Bible so Philip explained it to him.

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