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Summary: This is on the parable of the workers in the vineyard that were all paid the same.

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Look at the men crucified with Jesus. They were both horrible men. They were rotten to the core. They probably never had done anything right. They were probably in and out of jail. The only difference between the two is that one believed that Jesus could save his soul. The other did not.

Heaven isn’t the reward for long years of service, like a gold watch is on retirement after 30 years of service to the company. Hell isn’t the reward for a lifetime of bad deeds. Heaven is the reward for believing that Jesus can save your soul by his grace despite what you’ve done. Hell is the reward for not believing that Jesus can save your soul by his grace in spite of all the old ladies you help across the street or whatever good deeds you’ve done.

The workers in the field were paid because they showed up to work, not for how long they had worked. Those who didn’t to work got nothing.

It doesn’t matter how long you follow Jesus. All that matters is that you follow him. Where are you?

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