Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The second part of a two-part series on the kingdom of God and its presence in the world today. The unique thing of the kingdom is that it has a unique emperor who reigne for the salvation of His subjects!


Text: II Corinthians 6:16-18


1. Last week we discussed how the church is a unique kingdom

a. It has a unique emperor who was willing to give up everything in order to give his subjects what they needed

b. And it has a unique edifice, built not with hands but by the power and will of God, no fences to contain it and no guard to keep others out

c. But also an edifice of choice, one that can be accepted or rejected by potential subjects

d. Ours is truly a unique kingdom

2. There are other things that make it a unique kingdom in addition to the emperor and edifice

3. It also has:

a. Unique exercises

b. Unique entry

4. This kingdom is unique, and deserves a unique people as its inhabitants

TRANSITION: Beyond having a unique emperor and having a unique edifice, the Lord’s church also has some:

I. Unique exercises

A. In its uniqueness, God expects some unique activities to occur

1. They are similar in meaning to other kingdoms

a. They are for the purpose of glorifying the king

b. They are to be performed as the king commands

2. But they are different from most any other earthly king would command

B. The singing

1. Many kings would like to have songs dedicated in his honor

2. They would also like to have music and dancing and merriment

a. Our king wants the music, but he wants the merriment to occur in the heart of the singer

b. He does not want us to go on with instruments, drowning out the music made in our hearts

c. He wants to hear the beauty that occurs when we mean the praises we sing

3. He commands us to sing and make melody in our hearts, Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:18

a. He eliminates all other alternatives

b. The only instruments to be used in singing are the heart and mouth

4. This is unique in that it is not as entertaining as others would like

5. But it is what God wants and it pleases him

6. Therefore it is what he requires

C. It involves prayer

1. Not just bowing down before the sovereign king

2. In fact, prayer is not about posture at all

a. Jesus prayed with his eyes upward

b. The publican prayed with his eyes to the floor

c. In the ‘50’s there was a move by men to kneel in the aisle when someone prayed

i. Papa behind podium w/ soft-spoken prayer leader

ii. Peeked out to see if prayer was over and all looking at him

d. It is not posture, prayer can happen with eyes open or closed, head bowed or lifted, on a knee, sitting, or standing

e. It is about the posture of the heart, the direction of the prayer

f. Going from heart to heaven, is acceptable

D. The Lord’s supper

1. A time to remember the great things that were done by our king

2. Not a great battle over attacking forces

3. Not a great act of noble valiance that catapulted him to the top

4. But an act of lowliness that catapulted us to the top

5. The giving of his body and blood on a cross of shame

6. He set up a reminder of this act for us to remember his love for us, not to rub our nose in his glory, but to remind us of his love

E. Collection

1. Not taking of taxes as some kings would have

2. They often need more money to finance their own personal desires so they tax the public more to gain that money from the hard-working classes

3. But the collection of money so that the body can continue to take care of its own needs

4. And have the means to help others with their needs

5. The money collected is not to line the pockets of the one who already owns everything anyway

6. It is for the bettering of his subjects and the furthering of their goal to be with him for eternity

F. Preaching

1. Not propaganda

a. Most world rulers of the day will not ask others to speak for them unless they know what they are going to say

b. And they want to control that as tightly as possible

c. They only want a good spin put on things to make them look good

2. God gave us his word and asked us to tell it to others

a. Not to make God look good

b. But to help others become better

c. How can they call on him whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe unless they hear? And how shall they hear without a preacher?

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