Summary: People are always drawn by the unusual and unique. The most unique "religion" in the world is Christianity. Its origin, teaching, and influence worldwide are all unmatched!

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Intro: People are always drawn by the unusual and unique. The most unique book in the world is the Bible. Its origin, teaching, and influence worldwide are all unmatched. In our passage we shall study seven unique aspects of Christianity.

I. A Unique Exhibition (v.11). This is an exhibition of God’s amazing grace. This means that God released all His kindness and mercy to save men. He made an open display of His goodness. This was seen at Calvary’s cross, in the Son of God bleeding and dying for guilty men. All of the world’s great exhibitions are only a heap of rubbish in comparison.

II. A Unique Character (v.13). Some say Jesus is only man; but here scripture declares that He is the Great God and Saviour (cf. Isa. 9:6; I Tim. 3:16a; Rom. 9:5; I John 5:20). Here is assurance for the Christian! Your Saviour is the Great God—fear not! Here is encouragement for the anxious! The great God is also a Saviour—fear not to entrust your soul to Him. What great frustration is here for the self-righteous who hope to save himself, how fruitless his effort! Only a great God and Saviour can save a soul (Isa. 43:11).

III. A Unique Gift (v.14a). For a man to lay down his life for his friend is great (John 15:13); this is man at his best. But while we were yet enemies, Christ died for us; this is God at His best! (Rom. 5:10). This is a rare example in history where one willingly died for his enemies. The Lord gave Himself for you. What have you given Him in return?

IV. A Unique Work (v.14bc). The work of Christ stated here was to REDEEM and to PURIFY; to PURCHASE and to CLEANSE. When a woman buys a set of kitchen ware, she does not think them fit for use until they are washed. They are first bought, then washed and cleansed. The Lord uses us, not because we are great and wise; not because we are good, but because we have been cleansed. It is not enough that we be redeemed; if God is to be glorified in us we must be cleansed and fit for the master’s use (II Tim. 2:21).

V. A Unique People (v.14cd). The redeemed and the purified are to be "a peculiar people." Some Christians are afraid of being peculiar, lest they should be talked about and criticized. Christians are a peculiar people. They are unusual in their: (1) Birth [John 1:13; I Pet. 1:23]; (2) Citizenship [Phil. 3:20]; (3) Language [Col. 4:6]; (4) Affections [Col. 3:2]; (5) Works [Tit. 2:14d]. Such godly privileges are not to be ashamed of anytime and anywhere!

VI. A Unique Life (v.12). The life of the redeemed man is one of a constant fighting and resisting life—a denying of ungodliness. It is to be a SOBER life (I Pet. 4:7)—one that is moderate and balanced in all things in eating, clothing, spending, speech, hobbies, etc. The life of the born-again man is to be a RIGHTEOUS life (I John 2:29)—one that is both pleasing to God and fellowmen. The Christian should be the most honest and fair businessman, the most honorable of all men. The life of the saved man is to be a GODLY life (I Tim. 6:6)—a life that reflects to a dark world the light and image of the invisible God. Overall, the true Christian life is to be a life that is “zealous of good works."

VII. A Unique Prospect (v.13). Christians are looking for Christ’s glorious appearing. The reality of the sun rising tomorrow is as certain as Christ’s return! It seems strange to many that Jesus Christ should say at least 3X in Revelation, "Behold, I come quickly…" over 19 centuries ago and not to have come as yet. Has He forgotten? Has He become indifferent? Certainly not! We must remember that our Lord is longsuffering and His tarrying grants mankind sufficient time and opportunity to repent and be saved (II Pet. 3:9).

Conclusion: Biblical Christianity is very unique in so many ways. It is a living faith that counts on and lives in the light of the coming of the Son of God. Friend, are you a biblical Christian? Jesus Christ will surely return! Are you ready for His glorious appearing? May God grant you to be prepared for that great day. The vital question is – Where will you spend eternity, heaven or hell? The choice is yours now!

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