Summary: A communion sermon and a call for Christians to unite and join together in the body of Christ

The United State of Christianity

Acts 2:42-47

Introduction: ILLUS Lucy/Linus – We are in a spiritual war and we need to be united.

I. Devotion – “they devoted themselves”

A. Strong words – awe, joy, glad, sincere

B. This promoted UNITY under the headship of Jesus Christ.

1. This was a unified church.

2. A church under Christ cannot be divided.

a. ILLUS – Military leader after victory – “I had the privilege to lead a band of brothers.”

3. We are a community. Not just Davis, but a Christian community. Community and Communion have the same Latin root “communis”.

C. Communion

1. With 3000 new members, they rarely all gathered in one place.

2. All societies share meals, they promote unity and togetherness.

a. Family meals, church meals

3. Only Christians share broken bread to remember the broken body of our Savior. – ILLUS p.520 – “The Lord’s Supper should be the crowing service in every church, and the thus be the earth’s nearest approach to Heaven.” Blackwood

4. Communion promotes fellowship, discipleship.

a. This is a family meal.

5. We acknowledge God at every meal – ILLUS p. 520 – Jon Miller broadcasting for the Orioles used an egg-timer to remind him to give the score every three minutes because the score is the most important thing. The Lord’s Supper reminds us of the most important thing.

II. Rewards

A. Joy – This is personal, but others – both Christians and non-Christians, see it.

1. They were excited, though they were in danger from Jewish leaders

2. They opened their homes as well as their hearts. “koinonia” – active participation

3. Once a week was not enough for these Christians.

B. Salvation

1. Others were saved daily when they saw the joy of the Christians.

2. These then served the common good of the community

3. They also glorified God.

4. Note that these were added by God – He just used the Christians as an example.

Conclusion: Go from here in the joy, fellowship and communion of Jesus Christ.

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