Summary: Descriptions of a unsactified person

The Unsanctified Man By: Rev. James Torrence

Romans 7: 1-25

TEXT: Verse 24 - Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me?

Intro: The 7th chapter of Romans is the battle ground of theologians. Our Calvinistic friends have had trouble here because they do not believe in two works of grace. Our sinning everyday friends have used this as a basis for their everyday sinning--BUT we holiness people know the reak meaning of this 7th chapter.

There’s no difficulty here if one will follow the teaching of the two works of grace as taught through the Bible.

Now this text stands at the end of the 7th chapter and is a gateway to the 8th.

In chapter 7 we have the life of an unsanctified man described.

For in the first 16 verses of chapter 8 we have the name of the Holy Spirit mentioned 16 times.

I. This text is the words of a regenerated Man.

He knows that his heart has been renewed. verse 20.

a. The "I" person doesn’t want to be wrong.

b. He’s trying to live right.

c. He’s having an inward battle.

2. He wants to do that which is right. Verse 22

a His conscience bore witness that he was on his way.

b. Notice this - After the inward man.

1. His mind - in opposition to the flesh nature.

2. The new nature urged him on- EPH 3:16

3. V.25 with my mind I serve God.

4. With my flesh - I serve sin.

3. He’s fighting an inward battle.

a. In regeneration -

the old man is bound

the battle is on the inside

sin does not reign

b. In sanctification -

the old man is cast out.

the battle is on the outside

sin does not exist

II. These are the words of an impotant man Verse 18

a. For to will is present with me but how to perform, I find not.

1. Now, there is a lot of performing done.

a. you make a fool of yourself when you blow your top.

b. Shoot off your mouth

c. Have a carnel fit in church, you lose friends and influnence that took you years to get.

2. We need some GOOD performing.

a. It takes more than strong will power to serve God.

b. It takes more than will power to conquer fleshly sins.

c. Every man has a will but what is will?

It is an empty channel thru which God wants to work.

d. The individual must seek God’s help

READ Phil 2:13

Here is a man who was helpless Verse 14 & 15

He had failed to live up to his own standard of right.

Why had he fallen? let me show you.

Read Verses 6 - 24 when you get home.

Not one time is Christ or the Holt Spirit mentioned but he mentions the law 22 times.

He is wrestling and struggling to fulfill God’s law without the Holly Spirit to help.

He also mentions "I" 32 times in the chapter he mentions "ME" 12 times and "MYSELF" 5 times.

Friends we must put aside our old carnel self!!

III. He is a wretched man, he is misreble, unhappy and worthless.

a.misreble because he was captive Verse 23, he was sold under sin and bound by the chains of inward self.

It’s a carnel man or woman to full of the devil to speak, to proud to repent, and to mean to yield.

b. Why was he unhappy? He felt a need and he wanted to be delivered.

IV. On the brink of delerivance

a He never cried out - What shall deliver me?

Rather WHO?

There is only one way and that is GOD"S way!!Romans 6:6

The death of the carnel nature!

Call up the hearse and haul off a truck load of carnallity and all his 13 kids!

Close: You don’t have to go on with that nature in you. God wants to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire and make you a terror to sin.

It will take this experience to save you good enough to live and prepare you enough to die.

Without Holiness No man shall see the Lord!!!

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