Summary: A message about the need for Christians to grow up in Christ and not remain spiritual infants.

Title: The Untapped Destiny

Key Thought:

Children grow up, and so should CHRISTIANS.

1 Corinthians 13:11

When we were children, we thought and reasoned as children do.

But when we grew up, we quit our childish ways.

Number 1:

Everyone has been a CHILD

“When we were children,”

A. Children are helpless and need others

B. Children are at the mercy of their environment

Number 2:

Children are IMMATURE

“we thought and reasoned as children do.”

A. Children make mistakes

B. Children ask questions and need answers

Number 3:

Growing up is EXPECTED

“But when we grew up,”

A. Growth is normal

-spiritually stunted growth, while not as obvious, is just as serious as

physically stunted growth

How do you know if your spiritual growth is stunted?

1) Even though lost people matter to God, they no longer matter to you.

2) Your life revolves around a continuing pattern of poor decisions

3) Spiritually speaking; Excuses are more common than action

4) You rarely pray or read your Bible

5) You have more worry than joy

B. Growth is not instantaneous

-we live in such a microwave society

Number 4:

As we grow up, we WISE UP

“we quit our childish ways.”

A. Wising up is done on purpose

-Illustration: I’ve dealt with enough people to know that spiritual age

does not equal spiritual wisdom.

-There are a lot of spiritually old people sitting in churches all across America today sucking their thumbs!


B. In order to wise up, we need a plan

-Next Sunday morning,

“The Me Strategy ; a personal plan for spiritual growth”

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