In Psalm 34 the Bible tells us to seek peace and pursue it. A similar verse is found in 1 Peter 3, and a verse in Psalm 37 implies that peace is a hallmark of spiritual perfection. Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace Psalm 37:37. Every born again Christian knows that God's grace is the true source of their peace, and the more grace they have the greater their peace will be. The words of a well known hymn (When peace like a river attendeth my soul) testify of the peace that comes from God. According to Genesis 5 Adam and many of his early descendants lived for more than 900 years individually. It stands to reason that it was because God gave them great peace and tranquillity of mind that their lives were worth living for such a long time. Adam and others did not have many of the things humans use for entertainment and amusement today. They were simple unsophisticated people living in a simple primitive age. In Philippians 4 the Bible informs us that the peace of God passes all understanding.

Same sex marriage is sacrilege. It is moral madness. During the last 20 years some 30 countries have made it legal. Now we are experiencing the unwanted effect. Covid 19 is a repeat of Genesis 19. It is divine retribution, God's disapproval. Ancient Chinese philosopher Mencius said : Heaven does not speak but reveals itself through its acts and deeds.

Unfortunately it seems that the innocent are being destroyed with the guilty. Many have died who would never have contracted HIV. Some old sayings about divine retribution. God is a sure paymaster. The wrath of God is slow in coming but what it lacks in tardiness it makes up for in severity. God comes on leaden feet but strikes with iron hands. Who God wishes to destroy he first makes unsuspecting. The feet of the avenging deities are shod with wool. In the end comes punishment on noiseless feet.

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