Summary: Vision adds distinct and measured value to the church

The Value of Vision

Selected Passages

January 9, 2000


I. The loss of dreams

A. The dream fragment

B. Sometimes our dreams just get lost

 Lost in the shuffle of life

 Lost in the day to day routines

 Lost in the failed attempt to make them a reality

 Lost in the voices telling you it will never happen

Q – Have you lost the ability to dream? Have you lost your vision?

II. Reclaim your dreaming

A. Now is the time to reclaim and recapture your ability to dream

B. I believe I can fly

Q – Do you know the value of vision?


V – Vitality becomes visible

 Biblical Example: The church at Antioch

 Key Implication: Vision adds life

A. Vision breathes new life into an organization

1.) Vision give an organization new life

Quote: Make no small plans for they have no capacity to stir men’s souls.

2.) Vision focuses on a positive future instead of a negative past

B. Vision makes life evident and visible

1.) Vision allows the people to focus on the positive

2.) Vision brings a life of its own into a church

I – Investment is required

 Biblical Example: The Early Church

 Key Implication: Vision without cost is nothing

A. Vision will never become reality without strong investment

Quote: If your vision doesn’t cost you something, it’s a daydream.

B. Vision requires a total investment – More than just money

1.) Tithes and Offerings

2.) Time: One thing people will rarely give

a.) Time is the money of the future

b.) What would happen if everyone would tithe their work week in time involved in ministry?

3.) Talent: Using the God given gifts to serve God

S – Success rate increases

 Biblical Example: Nehemiah and rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem

 Key Implication: Vision comes before great achievement

A. Vision comes before any real success can happen

1.) Vision is the road map to finding success

2.) Vision shows us where we are going – Without vision we go nowhere

Quote: All accomplishment comes from daring to begin.

B. Vision is what allows us to find true success

1.) Vision defines what is really important for us

2.) True success is not some destination down the road – Success is a journey, not a destination

I – Innovation rises

 Biblical Example: Moses and Jethro

 Key Implication: Vision allows for creative change

A. Vision opens the door for creative change

1.) No one likes change – Change is a fact of life

2.) Vision makes change easier and more creative

B. Vision takes us to new heights we can only dream of

1.) Without vision there is no innovation

2.) This church was founded with a vision for the community of Crooksville

Quote: Never retreat in the face of difficulties. Advance as conditions permit. If conditions don’t permit, create those conditions.

O – Overcomes obstacles

 Biblical Example: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

 Key Implication: Vision can make the impossible possible

A. Vision helps to create optimal solutions

Quote: If you keep doing what you’ve always done. You’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

1.) Vision gives us the ability to solve any problem

2.) Vision helps us to look beyond the difficulties

B. Vision gives us the power to persist during difficulties

1.) Vision provides staying power for our lives

2.) Vision gives us the determination to hang in during tough times

3.) Vision helps us to maintain a right attitude

N – New hope comes to light

 Biblical Example: Peter being set free from prison

 Key Implication: Vision creates fresh hope

A. Vision finds hope when all seems lost

1.) With vision there is no such thing as a lost cause

2.) Vision never lets go of hope

a.) There is no such thing as a hopeless vision

b.) People often don’t lose heart because of circumstances but because they lost their vision

Quote: You have never tested the limits of God’s resources until you attempt the impossible!

B. Vision creates a focus on the eternal

1.) Vision comes from God

2.) Vision points us in the direction of the future and heaven


I. The Morris Antique Mall

A. Hot Springs Arkansas – Dozen or more antique malls

B. This one is different

1.) The stuff is about the same

2.) The smells of old furniture and moth balls

3.) This antique mall is in a former church building – A large one

II. The importance of vision

A. Review the key implications

1. Vision adds life

2. Vision without cost is nothing

3. Vision comes before great achievement

4. Vision allows for creative change

5. Vision can make the impossible possible

6. Vision creates fresh hope

B. We need vision – without we cease to exist

Q – Have you lost the ability to dream? Have you lost your vision?

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