Summary: A call to a passionate relationshp with the Savior

The Challenge

When you became a Christian how many of you had a dramatic improvement in your quality of Life?

How many of you want to go to the next level?

Are you feeling that nothing satisfies, that the church just doesn’t fill the yearning in your heart anymore?

Do you desire to let God take you to a higher place, to let God meet you outside of your little box of preconceived religiosity and experience?

Do you long for His touch? He longs for you to feel His heart beat against your chest, two hearts beating as one. He longs for His majestic love to roll over you like waves upon the sea shore - sometimes like the waves caused by a quiet gentle breeze and sometimes with the intensity of storm tossed waves pounding you, heaving and sighing, pulling you under, causing you to gasp for breath.

Do you long to do His bidding? His love can totally overwhelm and engulf you with the deep satisfaction that His love transcends all that this world has to offer.

Do you desire to become a hopeless romantic for the caresses of His love that are better than life?

Resurrecting Dry Bones

This generation is yearning for a greater unveiling of God’s glory and a deeper longing and desire for intimacy with Jesus.

God is imparting a unique gifting upon this generation that is similar to the Jesus Movement of the 70’s but with signs and wonders that will come out of having deep experience of intimacy with Jesus.

God is posturing us to meet with Him. Revival is coming. It will sweep across the nation and it will cost something - not just our time, our talents or our money. It will cost us everything.

As written in Ezekiel 37 God is going to resurrect this generation and put life into dry bones in order to create an army full of grace and the gifts of God’s glory. The message is clear; God is saying to this rejected, abandoned, and fatherless generation, “LIVE!” and He will place a double anointing on them.

This young generation has seen it all, experienced it all. They are being bombarded with visual images so amazing and often so vile that they defy the imagination. There are designer drugs that even Timothy Leary could never have conjured up. But now they are to behold Jesus in all His splendor, in the wonder of His glory. It will transcend anything they have ever experienced. No drug, no human made image can compare to the wonder and Glory of God. This generation is being beckoned into His chambers. The spirit of prophecy has come. These dry bones will live!

“Trading Spaces”

One night while in prayer the television show “Trading Spaces” popped into my mind. This is a show that takes two couples from the same neighborhood and they redecorate a room of each others home over a weekend based upon the design plan of a professional interior decorator. At the end of the show the finished rooms are unveiled before each of the couples with mostly excitement and happiness over the changes. But, sometimes the results are so hideous to the couple that tears of anger and sadness overwhelm them.

I asked the Lord what this was all about and I heard Him say; “This generation is going to redecorate and renew the Church. Some are going to love it and some are going to hate it, but it will be by my design”. Just as the Jesus Movement crossed denominational boundaries so will this new move of God.

The “Free Love” Generation

The Jesus movement discovered the transforming power of Jesus and experienced the passion but there was no one to lead us into the Secret Place. Instead we were led down a path of maintaining the status quo because that is all our spiritual leaders knew. We were led to believe that church could only be conducted a certain way. And now, because of it, our sermons, our music, our programs are boring and culturally irrelevant. We have settled for the sublime. We have pursued prosperity rather than His presence. We can’t have it both ways. We can’t love God and money. We have abandoned this generation in our quest of broken dreams.

We longed for love, and we became the “free love” generation which has reaped a whirlwind of multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Aid’s is killing ten’s of thousands. Ten’s of millions of babies have been sacrificed on the alters of our hedonistic self indulgence under the guise of “free choice”. The institution of marriage is in shambles. Divorce is rampant.

As we grew older the empty longing persisted within us. We thought it was because we didn’t have enough. Our children became latchkey kids while we pursued our careers and increased our wealth. We have filled our houses with “things” made by hand and not made by the heart of God. They have become a nameless, faceless and fatherless generation. This generation is crying out in desperation for transformation - transformation that brings true freedom to grow and experience all that God has for them. Our kids have become infatuated with the supernatural yet we can only mesmerize them with “Harry Potter” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” rather than the King of kings and Lord of lords. The mind can’t comprehend nor has the ear ever heard what God has in store for this generation.

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