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Summary: An examination of the vision that Christ has for the church and for the world

The Vision of Christ

Matthew 9:37-38

January 16, 2000


I. I have a dream – read the “I have a Dream” speech – not included due to copyright.

A. Martin Luther King Jr.

1. Great speaker, leader and motivator

2. Literally inspired millions

B. King was sharing his vision for the nation.

1. It has shaped a movement in history.

2. It has changed our nation.

II. The qualities of Christ’s vision

A. Transcends basic human stereotypes

1. Gender – Vision of Christ is for men and women

2. Race - Vision of Christ is not based on our ethnic or national identity

3. Age - Vision of Christ requires people from every age to make it complete

B. Transcends the limits of location

1. Culture - Vision of Christ can exist in any culture

2. World wide - Vision of Christ can exist in any country, city or county

C. Transcends the boundaries of time

1. No time limit - Vision of Christ is always before us

2. No limit on scope - Vision of Christ is needed by every generation.

READ TEXT – Matthew 9:37-38

Body – Characteristics of Christ’s Vision

I. Vision of a great harvest

A. The harvest requires work

1. The harvest is great and vast

2. The harvest is ripe

3. The harvest must be reaped

B. The harvest is vast

1. There is a harvest of children

2. There is a harvest of teens

3. There is a harvest of women

4. There is a harvest of men

C. There are always harvest opportunities

1. There are many fields to reap

 Cultures

 Classes and professions

 Health and appearances

 Mental and emotional states

2. All who are lost – There is no end

II. Vision of a need for workers

A. There is no limit to the work needing done

1. We must understand the workers are few

2. The harvest will never be reaped unless workers go

B. Workers are desperately needed

1. The harvest is always vast – Each new generation is a new harvest

2. Every time of harvest needs workers to reap the harvest of souls

C. Why are the workers so scarce?

1. Some reject, some postpone and some deny God’s call

2. Some lack commitment and some are just satisfied with the way things are.

III. Vision of prayer

A. Why should we pray?

1. Jesus demonstrated a life of prayer

2. Jesus commands us to pray

B. How should we pray?

1. Pray for God to set your heart right

2. Pray for God to raise more workers for the harvest.

3. Pray for God to prepare the lost for the gospel

C. Primary truth

1. The harvest belongs to God

2. God chooses the workers

Conclusion – Vision of a great force of workers

A. Major lessons learned

1. God desires for workers in every generation

2. God does the selecting, calling and sending of workers

3. The process

a.) We pray for workers

b.) God raises them up

c.) We support the workers

B. Conditions for God to reap the harvest

1. There must be enough concern for the lost

2. There must be enough prayer for workers

3. There must be enough commitment by surrendering when God calls

4. There must be enough dedication to follow hour by hour and day by day.

5. There must be enough faith that believes in Christ and the Bible

6. There must be enough conviction to stand firm and follow through on God’s call

This morning – Ask yourself the hard question: Where am I weak? What am I not doing that God has called me to do?

If God is speaking to you, slip out and come

 Maybe there is an area of personal fear, resentment or stubbornness that God needs to remove

 Perhaps there is an area of weakness God wants to strengthen

 Maybe there is a new calling God wants you to fulfill

 Could there be a person God is laying on your heart to pray for?


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