Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A Vision Specific Church will show evidence of the reign of the Holy Spirit by a devotion to "Teaching, (true) Fellowship, Worship, and Evangelism".


A. Began Series “Accomplishing The Vision” March 1

1. “Offer God Your Best” – Mark 14:3-11

a. Saw the Principle that God will use Our Best to Accomplish His Purpose b. We must be available.

2. “Are You Robbing God” – Malachi 3:7-12

a. Reminded that God expects us to take care of his house

b. Saw the Principle of trusting God with all

c. His return to us will be “beyond our imagination”

3. “Victory in Disguise” – Joshua 8:1-7

a. Saw that “Closed Doors” are not times of defeat but victory in disguise

b. Saw from Joshua

1. God has a Plan – We must trust his hand

2. God has a Purpose – We must trust his heart

3. God has made a Promise – We must Seek him with our best

B. Today We End Series – Looking Where It Began – Acts 2

1. 1st Church began 2k years ago to grow, mature, and provide for those given

2. NHBC began 3 years ago to grow, mature, and provide to those given to us

3. 1st Church began with a small group of 120 and grew to over 15K

4. NHBC began with small group of 40 – Where will we end?

C. Peter’s 1st Church & 1st Sermon – His close

1. Read Acts 2:36 – “whom YOU crucified”

3. Read Acts 2:37 – “cut to the heart”

a. Convicted of their sins knowing Christ was the Savior

b. “What must we do?”

4. Read Acts 2:38 – “Repent & Be Baptized”

a. “Repent”- Realize your sin – Make a Turn – Trust Christ

b. “Baptized” – First step of obedience – Dead to sin – Alive in Chirst

c. “Gift of H.S.”

5. Read Acts 2:39 – “for all who are far off” – Applies to US

John 6:65 (NIV)

65 "No one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him."

** Has God called you into conviction?



c. Does it STILL cut us to the heart?

d. 37 – “what shall we do” – What are you asking today? Have you arrived?

6. Read Acts 2:40-41 – PETER’S VISION AND MISSION

a. Vs. 1:14 - Now what they prayed for has happened

- Every church must be bathed in prayer

b. Now they must grow, mature, and provide for those entrusted to them

c. That was their Vision and Their Purpose

D. Transition

1. It began with 120 in the Upper Room constantly praying for the new church.

2. Day of Pentecost arrives and Peter and the 11 go to church! Oh what a service!

3. The Holy Spirit began to anoint the place – READ 2.2-4

a. “blowing of a violent wind” – wasn’t the wind but the sound

b. “tongues of fire” resting on each – again wasn’t but appeared as though

c. “filled with H.S.” in other languages

4. What a beginning! The Holy Spirit was REIGNING

5. The Reign of the Spirit led to 4 practices necessary to “Accomplish the Vision” God gave to Peter.

6. The same 4 Practices Apply to Us Today

1. Teaching

2. Fellowship

3. Worship

4. Evangelism

READ ACTS 2:42-47

Before we get into the 4 Practices Necessary of a Vision Specific Church, let’s understand the underlying principle laid out in this passage:


42- “devoted themselves”

Literal reading:

- “they were continually devoting themselves to…”

- term sets up the characteristics of the church where the spirit reigns

Didn’t start at the moment they were saved and then stop. It continued!


These 3,000 baby Christians were continually devoting themselves to God’s Word!

A. Continually Devoted to the “Teaching of God’s Word”

1. Being filled with the Spirit and Being filled with God’s Word go together!

2. A hunger for God’s Word allows the Holy Spirit to fill ones life – if devoted

B. Colossians 3:16-17

1. “teach and admonish each other” – encourage, strengthen, and admonish

2. Notice the attitude of worship it describes – “sing with gratude in your heart”

3. “whatever you do… do it all in the name of Lord Jesus…giving thanks”


C. 1 Peter 2:2

1. “Like newborn babes, crave Spiritual milk so you may grow up”

2. One who is continually devoted to God’s Word – craving spiritual milk, will GROW UP!


1. When the Spirit reigns, God’s people continually devote themselves to the study of His Word.

2. That is the 1st Characteristic

3. 2 Timothy 2:15

“do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the Word of God”

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