Summary: How God is at work in history to accomplish His tasks and how God blesses the faithfulness of His children

Zechariah 1:7-17

The Visions of Zechariah

In this passage tonight, we will see that God is at work in history to

accomplish His task. We will see that God desires to bless faithfulness and

perseverance of His children. We will see that though evil persons may for a

time prosper; God is ready to judge. This passage show God as the one who

is in control of human history. Zechariah’s visions and words show a God

who cares and is concerned for His people’s welfare.

Background: This vision occurs 3 1/2 months after verse 1-6. Zechariah is

seeing a vision. God is wishing to comfort His people by letting them know

that even though He is silent now; He is preparing to judge and act for them.

The ones who the Lord finds at rest and peace will now experience the wrath

of God.

I. The Meaning of the Symbols: Red horse- the Lord is sitting upon a red

horse signifying judgment and war. The horse signifys the judgment will be

swift. The horses and riders behind him are the angels that God uses to

judge. The sorrel horse is a mix and the white means victory or purity.

The myrtle trees signifys God’s people, Israel. They aren’t a tall, proud

cedar, but a lowly myrtle, yet fragrant.

The ravine is signifying the depravity of Israel at this time.

The man among the myrtle trees and the angel of the Lord are the same

person. This is a pre-incarnate Christ.

There is a interpreting angel who directly speaks with Zechariah vs.9,13,14

Standing among the myrtle trees- He is on the horse standing among the trees

signifying that He is ready to act on Israel’s behalf and is among them.

II. The Encouraging Words from God: There are 8 responses the Lord gives

1. The Lord is jealous for Jerusalem (Zech 8:2)

2. He is angry with the nations who feel secure. Though God blessed them

for a time, they have not sought the Lord.

3. He will rebuild the temple. The worship of God and His relationship with

them will be restored.

4. He will have mercy on them.

5. He will give them great prospertiy in Jerusalem

6. He will be a comfort to Zion

7. He will chose again Jerusalem. The time of wrath is over and now God is

with Israel and His favor is upon them.

8. His blessings of the whole land.

III. The Implications:

1. God is interested and involved in the plans of man. His messengers go

throughout the whole earth. vs.10

2. Physical security doesn’t equal pleasing God vs.11

3. God is the one true judge. He keeps an account of wrong vs.15

4. God is still at work even when He remains silent for a time. vs.16

5. God desires to bless His people when they obediently follow Him.


From this we can understand that God is the ultimate judge of the

wrongs done to us. Even though evil people may seem to prosper for a

season, God will judge. He cares about every disappointment and heartache

that we go through. He sees and keeps an account of our faithfulness and

when others wrong us. Just because He is silent doesn’t mean that He isn’t at


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