Summary: This message looks at John the Baptist as THE VOICE of one crying in the wilderness


John 1:19-28


TV Show – searching for singing talent THE VOICE (Three judges – how they work )

As we look at our passage today…we discover John the Baptist

And the first thing we will read in our passage today is this is an account of John’s testimony

Other words – speaking from personal experience

John knows God has called him for a mission

That mission is to THE VOICE for one who is coming

John’s mission hasn’t changed – God is still looking for someone who will be THE VOICE

The Voice crying out to those who will listen, because Jesus is coming

Will you and I be THE VOICE?

Read John 1:19-28 / Pray

Trans: The first thing we see is that the Jews…


Evidently, Jewish priest had read the book of Isaiah and knew of the prophecy concerning Jesus

Well, let’s look at the beginning of John’s life

Turn to Luke 1:11-17

Notice, John was set aside from birth to be God’s chosen vessel (There it is again…that word ELECTION)

He will bring joy and many will rejoice because of John

Many he will bring back to the Lord in the spirit and the power of Elijah

Who was Elijah? The Prophet of Fire

Really, he is rugged and rough in appearance, a prototype if you will of John

He was a prophet that spoke the truth regardless of the situation around him

The biggest thing you probably remember is his faith displayed on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:20-40)

Elijah calls people to a decision about God

The people’s false prophets fail when trying to offer a sacrifice

Elijah prays, after soaks altar, fire from heaven falls, consumes the sacrifice

Elijah kills 400 prophets of Baal

Elijah never dies but is taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire

Then, He appears again with Moses to Jesus on a high mountain

Did you know Jesus was a transformer?

Jesus was transfigured (metamorphoo) where we get metamorphis – which means to change or transform

Interesting – Jesus met with THE LAW & THE PROPHETS and here proclaimed He was the complete Word of God

Also, Moses died – resurrected – Elijah didn’t die – taken up – Transfiguration – symbolism of rapture

Pretty powerful – people asking John ARE YOU ELIJAH?

John said – I AM NOT – I am not Elijah but the one Isaiah the Prophet spoke about

He is not the Christ but the forerunner on a mission

Notice vs 17b “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord”

He knew Jesus was coming…He knew his mission was to ready people’s heart to receive the Lord

Trans: John clearly tells them I am not Christ but…

2. I AM THE VOICE (vs 23)

VOICE – phone (FO NA) – “sound of uttered words”

Remember TV show – judges are TRINITY

John was the Voice – He was distinctive in his message

“Make straight the way for the Lord” (Isa 40:3)

But what does that mean?

MAKE STRAIGHT – euthyno (YOU THU NO) – to make level or plain

THE WAY – hodos (Ha dos) – a travelled road


John was a voice, preparing a people, making the message plain, that the Master is coming

John knew that Jesus was coming – and his mission was to get people ready to meet Him when he came

WOW – that sounds like what our mission is or should be

We know Jesus is coming – we are to be the voice crying in the midst of this wilderness called life

To get people ready to meet Jesus

How many know He is coming back soon?

And we are to be the voice…but what are we to do and say?

Well let’s look at that

Trans: Lastly, whenever the Jews came to him…


John knew He was coming – he didn’t sit by and just wait

John was out preparing the fields for the harvest because the harvester was coming

What work was he doing?

Matt 3:1-6 tells us (turn there)

Notice he preached REPENT – to change one’s mind

To turn around and go the other way

Vs 6 says “confessing their sins”

and after repentance Then, He Baptized them

That was the mission and essence of John’s life

Preach REPENT, to prepare the people, to help remove the obstacles of sin, so they could be changed

So they could be baptized with water because there was ONE coming who would baptize them with the Holy Ghost (vs 11)

Did John meet resistance? Look at Matt 3:7

John was not afraid to speak the truth to those who dissented against him

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