Summary: Trust is a key principle in learning obedience as a steward of God’s resources. This message examines the essential element of our walk of trust in God’s ability to meet our needs.

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Dr. Larry L. Thompson (2003)


This month we are focusing our attention on the purpose of our church: A Church that understands the importance of THE FORWARD WALK. The forward walk is essential if we are to adequately prepare our hearts for our FORWARD BY FAITH campaign and for our commitment Sunday on June 1st just one month from now. If we are going to be a church that is know for their FORWARD WALK, then it requires that each of us to understand the biblical principle of the “WALK OF TRUST.” By trust I am referring to being good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to each of us. First Baptist is a generous church, especially when you consider an article written by Paul Foy of the Associated Press dated 4-28-03 entitled, “CHARITY STUDY PLUGS SALT LAKE CITY AS GIVERS – FORT LAUDERDALE IS CHEAP!”

“Salt Lake City residents gave nearly 15% of their income to religious or charitable organizations while Miami-Fort Lauderdale gave 4.7% of their income to charities.”

While it does take money for a church to WALK FORWARD BY FAITH. The purpose of this message is not to raise money, but to help DEVELOP, EQUIP, and add SPIRITUALLY MATURITY to your walk with Christ. My job is not raising money, my responsibility is to equip the saints and to insure that we have growing mature believers; stewardship is a very important part of that spiritual growth.

Some of you don’t like to hear sermons on stewardship because you may be struggling financially, and you don’t want to feel guilty because you aren’t giving. I’m not here to lay a guilt trip on you and hurt you–I’m here today to help you. Have you ever considered that your financial problems may be caused by the fact you aren’t honoring God with the resources He has entrusted to your care?

Some of you say, “You don’t understand, I’m flat broke.” Perhaps you’re not sure so I have prepared a Top Ten list to know if you’re broke.

(Fitz, let’s do a Letterman top ten list feel with this)


10. American Express calls and says: “Please leave home without it!”

9. You go to the food bank and they tell you you’re overdrawn

8. Long distance companies never call you to switch.

7. You’ve started washing your paper plates.

6. You clean under your sofa only because you hope to find change.

5. You consider a lottery ticket as your best investment.

4. You offer to wash camels in exchange for a pageant ticket.

3. You rob Peter…then turn around and rob Paul

2. You focus on the things money can’t buy…like your unpaid bills.

1. At Communion, you always ask for seconds!

If you are to join us in the forward walk as our church moves FORWARD BY FAITH then you must understand that Jesus gives you more than YEARS to your life: He gives LIFE to your years. True prosperity is not living in luxury; it’s when all your needs are being met and you are content and enjoy life. By that definition, some of the richest people on this planet don’t have prosperity–they have wealth, but not prosperity. The key to learning how to live well and prosper is found in Proverbs 3:5-10: “THE WALK OF TRUST!”

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