Summary: Worship is how to open closed doors.

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I have a door at my house, it’s the door to a closet in our bonus room. It’s where my kids' toys are all kept and so when I instruct them to clean up the bonus room, the toys just get tossed into the closet and then they shut the door real quick and hope for the best. So when you open that door, beware because you never know what’s behind the door and you never know what’s going to fall out of the door on top of you. How many of you have a closet door like that at home, where you’re a little bit scared to open it? Yeah, that’s a few of us. If you didn’t just raise your hand, we’re glad you’re here Martha Stewart! Maybe you could help the rest of us get organized!

There’s a particular game behind the door though that I want to introduce you today, if you’re got little kids, my kids have pretty much outgrown this game, but if you’ve got little kids, you’ll appreciate this game, it’s called “Don’t Break The Ice.” Anybody played this game? I need a volunteer to compete against here, and the good news is that the pressure is off if you’re watching me via video, you just get to watch somebody else make a fool of themselves, but let me just choose YOU. Come on up here! On every campus, put your hands together for my volunteer who didn’t volunteer! Ok, so here’s how you play the game, each of us have a little hammer device and we take turns knocking out blocks of ice and the one who hits the block of ice and makes this little man fall down and die, loses. Ok? Simple enough?

I started thinking this week, what would it feel like to be that little man? To have circumstances outside of your control taking whacks at everything that keeps you feeling safe and secure. Ultimately to be standing on what feels like the last block of ice and have it knocked out from under you by something that you have absolutely no control over and then it dawned on me. That’s how many of you feel today. You feel like the little man in the game. You’re barely hanging on. The ice is getting chipped away. If it’s not one thing it’s another. And you’re not quite sure what to do, you’re not quite sure where to turn, you’re not quite sure if things will ever change, and if you were to be honest today, you’re not quite sure how much more you can endure. Everyday for you is like a game of "don’t break the ice." And if you feel that way today. If you feel like things are crumbling around you and door after door after door keeps shutting or maybe you’re afraid that the next door that opens everything is going to come falling out on top of you, then I’ve got some really good news for you today.

Today if you are stuck behind a closed door of a dead end job or a closed door of unemployment or maybe there’s a closed door of health or a door that’s closed on a relationship or maybe you’ve got an addiction and the door to freedom just feels closed or the door to a financial breakthrough is closed, I don’t know what doors are closed in your life. I don’t know what has you feeling trapped like there’s no way out, but today I do know what opens closed doors. I know what opens

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