Summary: Unlikely characters in the birth of Christ are used, it seems God always uses those least likely and or out of character.

The way God works- The Christmas Story





God works in mysterious ways. You have heard that expression before and it is true. The scripture says that he uses the foolish to shame the wise. He has a way of taking the least likely and making them his instrument and/ or chosen one. He takes the unequipped and uses them to accomplish the impossible. Time and time again God does things His way and usually goes against human logic. The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ was no different. To set the stage we have to understand what the Jews were waiting for. They were waiting for a King, in the earthly sense. One who would come on the scene and take control with much pomp and circumstance. Surely he would be a Religious Leader who would be wealthy and able to garner the respect and admiration of the elitist of the day. But as is the tendency of God, He chooses to accomplish His divine will and purposes in a manner that requires mankind to look beyond the superficial, beyond the flesh and beyond the laws of physics and even common sense at times. God is sovereign, and does as he pleases. The most important event in the History of mankind transpired in a rather low profile manner, but God’s signature and ordination or everywhere we look. First let’s look at whom he chose to give birth to the Christ Child.

I. Mary God’s choice as the Mother of Jesus.Luke 1: 26-49

A. an ordinary young woman

B. She is told she has found favor in God’s eyes.

C. She is identified as a humble woman in Luke 1:48

D. She was not royalty, or rich or politically powerful.

E. She was just a young woman who God found favorable.

F. The idea that the King of the Jews would be born of such a woman was unthinkable to most Jews.

G. Later in the life of Christ as He began to teach in a Synagogue, it was said he taught as one who had authority.

H. The Jewish leaders immediately began to refer back to His humble roots.

I. Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?

J. God loves to take the unlikely and make them the center of the universe.

H. In the old testament, when God would choose the replacement King for Israel when the people’s choice, Saul had failed, He sent Samuel to a man named Jesse to look at his Sons. Jesse called all of them in from the fields except David who was just a young boy. Guess whom God chose to be King. The least likely.

I. God chose Mary because of what she was, not so much who she was.

J. She was humble, faithful, and willing to stand with her Son to the very end.

K. She would be instrumental in the beginning of the New Testament Church in the book of Acts.

L. The Lesson here: God chooses whom he wishes. He doesn’t read your resume’

M. God equips whom he chooses; he does not necessarily choose those who are equipped.

II. Shepherds are chosen to announce the Birth of Christ to the world. Luke 2:8-18

A. Of all the people in the world to tell of the birth of Christ, God chose shepherds.

B. Think about that just a moment.

C. Look at where they were. In the fields, tending sheep. Not in town where many people were gathered.

D. Look at who they were. They were tenders of livestock.

E. Not political leaders, not pillars of the community.

F. Not the leaders of the local economy.

G. No, all of the elite of the day would have to receive the news of the King from a shepherd.

H. What do you suppose God was trying to tell us?

I. Perhaps that telling others of Jesus does not require us to have a special degree.

J. Or a place of prominence in society.

K. All that is required is obedience.

L. Think about it. The savior of the world, God in the flesh and God chooses not a king to make the announcement, but a shepherd.

M. It is never about the messenger, it is the message that is important.

N. The Jews were all about the messenger. They were all about the package, not the contents.

O. The Scripture tells us that God looks at the heart of man, not his outward appearance.

P. The message to us-God will use anyone who is willing to tell others about Jesus. A seminary degree, or any other of man’s stamps of approval are required. Only God’s.

III. Look who travels from a far to bring gifts. The Magi. Matthew 2: 1-12

A. In most circumstances, men would bring gifts to Kings.

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