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Summary: Some people say, “There are different path’s that lead to God!” “It really doesn't matter what you believe or do, as long as you are sincere!”

Matthew 7:13-14-“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Everyone is on a journey and there is a destination at the end of that journey, and the choices you make will affect the direction you are headed!

Where you wind up depends, upon what road you take!

Some people say, “There are different path’s that lead to God!”

“It really doesn't matter what you believe or do, as long as you are sincere!”

Well, there maybe different religions, different beliefs, different ideas, different philosophy, different doctrines!

But according to Jesus, there are only two paths!!

Each one has a start and each one has a end!

One is crowded, the other is not!

There are some headed in the right direction and others who are not!!

Let’s look at the two entrances:

Wide Is The Gate-You can bring all baggage, all your sins, your unforgiveness, your hatred, your prejudice, all of your hurts!!

Everything you have accumulated over the years!

Plenty of room!!

Thru this gate you can believe how you want, act how you want, say what you want!

No restrictions, no self control, put your pleasure, your happiness before anyone else!

The other entrance is different:

Narrow Is The Gate-You can’t bring anything with you, only you can fit thru it!!

No hang ups, no baggage, just you!!

A lot people are trying to bring that other stuff with them thru this gate, that is why they are miserable!

Broad Is The Way-The first gate leads to this path!

This path, there is no restriction, there is no sacrifice, there is no surrendering things!

Plenty of room for everybody, a lot of compromise and tolerance but look where it leads…Leads To Destruction!.

Difficult Is The Way-The second gate leads to a more narrow path, a more restricted way of life, a more narrow way of thinking, but look where it leads….Leads To Life!

Because it’s narrow, because it’s difficult, because it’s hard, people choose the path with least resistance!!

Not really thinking about the end result!!

There are two Gates, two Paths, and two Groups of people!

There Are Many Who Go In By It-Like sheep to the slaughter, they don’t look for another way to live, they follow the crowd, they take the easiest path!!

There Are Few Who Find It-Well if you are going to find something you are going to have to look for it.

How many people survived the flood? 8

How many of the ones who left Egypt, entered into the promise land? 2

So how can someone know if they are on the right path, the path that leads to life?

John 14:6-Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

Melody walked through the mall, quickly, yet deliberately. She had no idea that as she walked, she seemed to move to invisible music. Her tall, boy-like figure swayed to an unheard beat. Short brown hair framed her pixie face, and her chocolate brown eyes danced with merriment.

She was on a mission to get the perfect gift for her best friend. She had heard that a new Christian CD was just out and it was what she wanted. Spotting the Christian Book Store, she turned toward it, and ran smack into someone--or some thing. She stopped and looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Melody started to apologize, but words seemed to fail her as she just stood and stared at the man. He was about 6’2”, tall, and slim. He was beautiful if one could call a man beautiful. A woodsy fragrance filled the air around him. The man seemed amused at her and said,

“You must really be in a big hurry. Where is the fire?” Melody backed away from the man and said,

“I am so sorry. I really did not look where I was going. Just in a hurry, I guess.” The man smilingly answered,

“Well, if I had to be run over, I am glad it was by a beautiful young lady. Maybe we should start over. My name is Josh and yours is?”

In a low, soft voice Melody said,

“My name is Melody, and I am truly sorry for running into you like that.”

Josh just stood there looking at her for some time before he said,

“No problem, Melody, in fact you have brightened up a dreary day. I don’t have a habit of picking up ladies at the mall, but how about me buying you a cup of coffee?”

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