Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The Theme of the whole Bible is presented in one sermon.

The Bible can be put into three headings:

a) God is the former--God created all things--Gen. 1 and 2. Crucial doctrine to believe in. This means we are accountable to God. "If we will never acknowlege that we are creatures who are untimately responsible to a Creator, we’ll never be able to see that we are sinners in need of a Savior.

b) Satan is the deformer.--Pivotal passage in all the Bible. The "hinge of the Bible" Gen. 3:1-7. If this passage was not in the Bible, the whole book would be changed. We finish chapter two with heavenly bliss in the garden but verse 8 shows the creatures hiding in shame. What happened? Gen. 3:1-7 changes everything. Important here to show that sin is not a thing that was brought in from outside of the garden. Why would God have allowed that in? Sin is not some outside force--Sin is merely the perversion of what is good--CS Lewis. All God created is good but the enemy will pervert anything that God has done. He will take it outside of the boundaries that God has made for it and it will become sin. Many examples can be found here.

c) Jesus Christ is the transfomer--From Gen. 3:8ff, we see God trying to redemn his people. The first forshadowings of Christ is found in the shed blood of the animals to make the coverings for Adam and Eve. Much preaching is done here as you go through the redemning nature of God thoughout the Scriptures.

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