Summary: Islam has come to America like never before. We are back to a 9/10 mentality and worse, for the wild man has found a home here and a friend at the highest levels of gov’t. Link inc. to formatted text, audio/video, PowerPoint.

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The Wild Man

Genesis 16:11-12

The “Wild Man” is loose on the earth and fulfilling Bible prophecy daily. He has always been here, but today he is ACTIVE. We can call him Ishmael; we can identify him, his descendants, ideologically and spiritually. He is no longer frozen in the Middle East, but has spread, even to a new friend in the White House. At one time the USA was a friend to Israel. The shadow of the wild man has arrived on our scene, within our coasts, but once the wild man’s influence permeated our government that friendship changed to suspicion and opposition. We MUST remember, God promised a blessing or cursing based upon how any country or individual treated Israel!

The WILDMAN has constantly tried to gain a foothold of credibility and presence in our country. He was slowly making progress until 9/11, but once his agenda became clear our government and people quickly sought to close off his easy access. This was the 9/12 mentality. Times change however; in the last year his avarice has increased, his cunning doubled and his cause advanced; in the last year he has made progress into the heart of our country and the life of its citizens, and now we find ourselves back in the 9/10 mentality, and worse.

Since 9/11 we have learned a new vocabulary:

We have learned Islam, Mohammad, Allah, Jihad, Taliban, and al Qaeda.

Previous to 9/11 these were silly words, irrelevant words, words used by missionaries or foreigners with towels on their heads and beards. We didn’t know these words nor did we care. That is a luxury that we can no longer afford.

These “wild men” are a faceless enemy; they wear no uniform and they fight dirty. Can I make an observation? They do have faces; faces that we can see and they walk among us! Not only do they walk among us with equality, they have garnered a preferred status! They have more protection than you or I have as Christians! What scares me is that they have infiltrated our healthcare institutions; today we call them our “Doctors” and nurses! These wildmen now surround us in ever increasing numbers as we go to work, play and do our daily business. At this point in time they are non-violent, let us hope they stay that way, but don’t be taken in! The warning flags are waving!

As for the so called Radicals; they now have special rights! They enjoy these privileges in our courtrooms! Can you believe that we are so foolish to have given them a stage to act out their hatred and murder; to brag about their foul deeds in public court? And the world laughs at our lack of will and interprets it as weakness! We say, “Sure Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, come in and enjoy our freedoms, our courts and juries after you tried to destroy them down the street!” Can we no longer deport anyone?!

These “Wildmen” have taken up residence in Congress [Keith Ellison of Minnesota, took his oath of office on the Koran! By the way, who allowed that? America should decide what you swear upon, not the elected one], and they are in our military, but we had better not profile one! It might be the end of your career! You might be prejudiced or politically incorrect even if you are right! The polls this week reveal that more Americans call what Nidal Malik Hasan did at Ft. Hood a crime than call it terrorism, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...and yet, our Major News outlets have taken cover with the pre-9/10 mentality of saying, “Duck? What duck?”

Political correctness permeates the workplaces, the media, government, and sadly, many churches. And it is going to be the end of us as a nation if we don’t wake us and start making changes fast.

It’s more important to be correct than politically correct. The Bible indicates that if a nation has been given much light from God and then rejects that light, God will give them a mind that cannot even comprehend what is in its best interest.

Our country is doing things that just don’t make sense! However, the Bible does warn us that in the last days things will become confusing and that nations who once were blessed of God will do things that are counterproductive even to the point of facing their own destruction.

And don’t think this is about Radical Muslims or Moderates; Hasan was an average Moderate Muslim until he came under pressure, then what was deep inside came gushing out. I wonder, what will happen when the entire country of America is squeezed?

The media in our country and world leaders in the UN have made it clear, it isn’t about Islam. Why, don’t you know? True Islam is peaceful and harmless, they say.

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