Summary: Conclusion

I wish to end with some help in the specific will of God in our lives and like Paul, hope that those reading are sincerely seeking God’s will for their life. I trust you are not one of those whose works will be consumed at the Bema though their soul will saved as by fire.

I have heard these few steps for finding the specific will of God from various places and different men have been given credit for them. I am not sure who originated them. I am only letting you know that they are not original thoughts of mine.

The first step to determine if something is in the specific will of God for your life is to see if it is biblical. Some things are obvious, but then I have heard a lady say that she was a stripper for God. To say that she has missed the boat is an understatement. She has not only missed the boat, but is under the boat being sliced by the propellers. There are honorable professions and there are dishonorable ones and it is never God’s will for one of His children to enter into a dishonorable one.

There are times that when even entering an honorable one may not be His will for you. If you are already under a contract either written or oral and an opportunity arises that would make you break that contract dishonorably then the opportunity is not from God. If the one you contracted with is amenable and releases you from the contract then fine, but to walk out and not keep your word is not His will. (Psalm 15:4) If it is God’s will for you to take the opportunity then God will make the one you are contracted with amenable to release you or the new employer willing to wait until your contract is fulfilled.

In that illustration, I have touched on another step and that is timing or a door of opportunity. If you are fulfilling to the best of your ability and knowledge the general will of God then He will place open doors of opportunity before you. As you are faithful in what He has given you greater responsibility will be given. Just look at the life of Joseph, Stephen or Phillip. They were faithful in what God had given them to do and they were advanced and given greater duties and responsibilities. He that is faithful in a few things will be given greater things. (Matt 25:21,23) Also beware of the children of Israel’s error in not going through the door when God had it open to the Promised Land. They tried to kick it back open after God closed it and suffered loss. It took forty years for that door to open again. Timing is important!!

It is hard to say the next step is prayer because you should be doing this all the time, but for sure after you have seen a biblical opportunity open you should pray. An open door to a good thing may still not be right for you. David had the resources and opportunity to build a temple, but it was not God’s will for him to do so. Had he done what seemed to be open to him without contacting God, he would have made God look like all the other false gods of the other nations around him. God wanted His house to be known as a place of prayer and peace and not war so it took a king that would build it in a time of peace not after a great military victory. Therefore prayer needs to be all through the search for God’s specific will for your life.

Prov 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. (KJV)

You should also be seeking godly counsel. God has provided within His Body wise men and women to assist you in finding God’s will for you. People in your church know you and have seen God mature you and equip you with certain gifts. They would know if the opportunities that you are considering were within your range of gifts and maturity. Most people would not attempt brain surgery if they have never been trained in the field. If you do not have the gifts for the opportunity, you would to well to reconsider taking it.

Also, a gift is not a talent. A schoolteacher may or not be called to be a Sunday School or Bible Institute teacher. There may be some similarities between the two positions but a spiritual teacher needs the spiritual gift of teaching to be effective. A man may have a talent for public speaking but if he does not have the gift and call of a pastor teacher he should not enter the ministry. Solomon’s son Rehoboam sought counsel but from the wrong people and lost most of the kingdom he inherited. Getting the wrong counsel can be as disastrous as getting no counsel at all. Be sure you go to people who have discernment and are spiritual.

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