Summary: a look at the two paths of the Bible and which one God rewards


Text: Ps. 1


1.One of the first passages of Scripture I ever memorized was Psalm 1

2. It is packed full of picture and teaching and still holds a special place in my heart.

3. Let’s look at it together.

4. As is true throughout the Bible, it presents two paths


A. Are separated: v. 1

1. the verb tense signifies “has not” it is a daily practice

2. hasn’t/doesn’t walk (accompany) in the counsel of the

wicked—pays no heed to the guidance of those who bow to no

authority but their own.

3. doesn’t stand in the path of sinners---There is no presence in

the company of those who violate the will of God

4. doesn’t sit in the seat of the scoffers—depicts the final, settled

and comfortable position in the company of those who are

skeptics, scoffers, confirmed in their opposition of


5. Cf. Lot---chose the valley, was later found sitting in the city

gate of the city against whom cries had reached God’s ears.

B. they are saturated v. 2

1. His delight is in the law of the Lord

2. His delight, his pleasure is the law of the Lord, not the advice

and counsel of the ungodly

3. He meditates on it day and night---constant study and

reflection of God’s revealed will, resulting in a daily way of life

C. they are situated v. 3

1. The psalmist uses the analogy of a tree planted by the river

2. Water is a very precious commodity, it is life

3. Four characteristics of the righteous life:

a. fixed---stable secure—planted,

b. fruitful---producing in season

c. flowering---the leaves shall not wither, alive at all times

d. fulfilling---whatever he does prospers, He fulfills God’s



A. They are like chaff driven by the wind

1. not rooted, grounded, productive

2. not beneficial, they are the husks

3. The manifest no characteristics of righteousness

B. they will not stand in judgment nor in the assembly.

1. The wicked and sinner will fall under the judgment and harsh

realities of life.

2. They cannot/will not stand in the assembly of the righteous,

they have no place among those who live by God’s law; they

have removed themselves from that.

3. God’s judgment v. 6 The Lord watches over the righteous,

the wicked will perish.


A. Recognize the two paths---as always

1. proverbs—wisdom and folly

2. Jesus---wide and narrow

B. which you walk is your choice

1. the wise, the righteous choose not to accompany those

opposed to the law and life of God’s instruction

2. the wicked, the scoffers & sinners have made that choice and

follow their own way.

C. The difference is clear:

1. the righteous fulfill God’s desire

2. the wicked will fulfill their own.

D. a note on the prosperity of the righteous:

1. it doesn’t mean they will always live in favorable conditions—

i.e. Daniel, Job, David, Paul

2. it doesn’t mean that everything engaged in will succeed—

Noah didn’t convert anyone,

Jeremiah didn’t either

Paul didn’t always win the crowd

3. God’s prosperity is different from ours.

a) God is concerned with the heart, not pocketbooks.

b) a heart that trusts, obeys, and keeps on in the face of the

darkness of this life is prosperous.


1. This Psalm introduces us to the 3 main characters in Psalms:

The righteous, the wicked and God

2. The righteous who walks in God’s ways prevail.

utilized Wiersbe's thoughts from "Prayer, Praise & Promises"

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