Summary: Is a sermon calling to all christian the true significance of the word of God to our existence. As believer we have a revelation of who we are in the word and not the speculation of the world or analysis of our very self. So this study will enlighten us.

Theme : THE WORD

Text: Job 22:22, Hebrews 4:12

From our Job..we were encourage and prayed for to recieve the Law from His mouth , and lay up His words in our heart. The law is also describe as the instructional manual of God for mankind. So deviating from such is so devastating and might lead to regrets and shame of an individual, knowing fully well that the true revelations of who we are is embeded in the Law of God and not the speculation or scientific theory of what man think of us. Lamentation 3:37

First and foremost let us get a clear interpretations of the word. In the old testament the word of God implied both a word about God and a word from God. In effect the word of God refers to what God says and at the same time describe God, His essence and attribute. The new testament on the other hand, present the word of God as a person, the second person of the trinity the Lord Jesus, who was with the father from the begining of creation. Gen 1:26..

Colosians 1:16-18, I paraphrase everything that exist and will ever exist has it begining from the word, without it nothing was made that is made and was meant to bring Him glory..

Now this is the big question, how does the word of God relates to our theme from the begining " YOU CAN KEEP DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTS A DIFFERENT RESULT " IGNORANCE..Taking this phrase into consideration there is a wrong at work, hence our text for today in Job 22:22, will give us the right insight to apply and overcome such error. Starting a year that a word through prophecy (Open doors of pleasant surprises) from the throne of grace has been set in place for dominance, failure to walk in line of the originator of such prophecy, rob you of it benefits irrespective of your existence during the set time of the word, for eg (2kings 7:1-20). A man heard the prophecy, doubt and mock the word and was trampled upon because of his disbelief and mockery, I pray for you the grace to belief and walk in faith the Lord will grant unto you and make you a beneficiary of it blessing in Jesus Name.

Yesterday we learn that inorder for us to have a better tomorrow, we need to acquiant and align our ways to the Lord, in other words we need to sync our life with the purpose and plans of God (Prov 19:21), and let go of our perspective and the way of the norms, then our open door this year will be achieved and fulfilled. Remember John 11:25, I paraphrase states a word from God can revive a dead destiny, as the dead destiny of Lazarus ressurected by the ressurrection and life, I hereby decree before this month comes to an end, Your life will recieve a word that will cause man to celebrate with you in Jesus Name.

Today we are told in verse 22 of Job 22 to recieve the word and lay it on our heart..why do we need such discipline and how can we obtain and live in such discipline;

1. We must Recieve the Word; Without the reception of the word , one destiny becomes dead and stagnant irrespective of who you are.. Is the amount of information you have that enable dominion in a particular sphere of life. what you recieve and feed on you turn to believe and behave..Rom 10:17

2. Brings direction..Ps 119:105..The word of God is the set compass of direction for fulfilling destiny. Take for instance a tv manufacturer will produce a manual for the tele to enable you (buyer) use it effectively and efficiently, so is the word of God, if we allow and obey it every way of life it becomes our guide to effective living. I pray for you this season, that very word that will direct you to your place of dominion and blessing the Lord will release to you in Jesus Name.

3. It descern and decode the thoughts and intents of the heart of men. As it is clearly noted, no one can descern the heart of a man, unless the Lord, so if we give heed to the word it will unfold to us the hidden plans and agenda of man. I share a testimony with you, I was in bed one night after a prayer over the midnight and the Lord unfold a case about a life to me that was been used diabolically to favor another man's cause while that life work aimlessly and tirelessly without any good results. To the glory of the Lord, we pray seriously in the church as the Spirit led us and many life had uncountable breakthrough specifically last year. I pray for you today as you recieve the word of God, every enemy mandated or has been robbing you of your open doors and joy shall be expose and deal with by the Lord in Jesus Name. As this year has been declare as a year of surprises, all your enemies shall recieve a surprise of nakedness and continual shame and the Lord shall grant you pleasant surprises of joy and abundance in Jesus Name.

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