Summary: Jesus is God’s Word of grace

The Word of Grace

John 1:1-18

March 8, 1998


I. How do you know something?

A. What is knowledge?

1. For many knowledge is merely a system of facts and figures

2. For others knowledge is how to do a particular task or to operate specific things

3. In our age of information is knowledge anything more than just raw data?

B. The reality of true knowledge

1. True knowledge penetrates both the mind and the heart

a.) True knowledge grafts itself in the person

b.) True knowledge becomes a part of who we are and how we live

2. There is a massive difference between knowing something and having knowledge of something

II. Personal Knowledge

A. We can know facts and figures of the Bible

1. You can know everything about the Bible and still miss the message

2. You can know everything about Christianity and miss the Christ

3. Head knowledge is worthless if it does not lead to heart knowledge

B. We can still miss the point

1. The knowledge of Christianity is not based merely on facts but also on relationship

2. Not only must we know the message but we need to also put it into action


I. The Word is Divine

A. The Word is eternal

1. The Greek concept

a.) The Greek word Logos is translated here the Word

b.) This literally means knowledge or a way of knowing

2. The Hebrew concept

a.) The phrase “in the beginning” refers us back to Genesis 1:1. This is a specific reference to the beginning of time itself

b.) John is telling us that the Word existed before creation. Thus the Word is eternal in nature and scope

3. The Divine nature

a.) The Word was God. This refers to the God of the patriarchs, Moses and the prophets

b.) The Word is divine

B. The Word is personal

1. This Word was with God

a.) This identifies an intimate personal relationship

b.) The Word was part of the company of God

2. The Word is a person

a.) John uses the personal pronoun “he”

1.) This means that the Word is not some abstract concept of force

2.) The Word is a person

b.) This conveys that there is indeed a person who has an eternal relationship with God

C. The Word is creative

1. The Word is the source of creation

a.) This signifies that fact that the Word was indeed totally creative

b.) The Word was active in the process of Creation

2. The Word is the source of life

a.) The Word is the source of physical life through creation and the source of eternal life through the means of divinity

b.) The Word becomes light through the life He brings

1.) This light becomes the hope of humanity

2.) This light shines in the midst of darkness

 This light splits into the darkness of sin

 Those who are in darkness do not understand it

II. The Word is Revealed

A. The light reflector

1. John the Baptizer

a.) John proclaimed the coming of the Word

b.) John was a witness to the light

1.) He reflected the light of the Word which is life

2.) He revealed the truth of eternal light

2. The illustration of a buggy reflector

B. The Word rejected

1. The Word came to the world

a.) This was the world that He had made

b.) The world did not recognize Him and did not accept Him

2. The Word was rejected

a.) The World turned away from Him and rejected Him

b.) This was the saddest mistake of human history. People rejected the hope and word of God

C. The Word received

1. There were some who received

a.) All of those who received Him believed in His name

b.) These few were given the right to become children of God

2. They became children of God

a.) These who received the word were given a new childhood

b.) They were made children of God

c.) This is not a natural but rather by means of supernatural adoption

III. The Word became Flesh

A. The Word became flesh

1. The Word of eternity became flesh

a.) The Word took on another nature and became something completely new and unique

b.) The divine was now wrapped in human existence

1.) He took on body composed of flesh and bone, blood and grisle

2.) Not merely looking human or seeming human but fully human and fully divine

2. The Word came to us

a.) The Word dwelt among us

1.) The term dwelt literally means to tabernacle

2.) The Word camped out here on earth

b.) The Word came from the Father with blessing from the throne of God

B. The Word brings both truth and grace

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