Summary: An examination of the work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life and ministry

Islington Baptist Church

December 9, 2001

Isaiah 11:1-9

Scriptures: Luke 10, Jeremiah 33, Psalm 89,

Isaiah 10, I Corinthians 12:1-11

Jesus in the book of Isaiah

As you know, Isaiah is filled with references and allusions to Jesus Christ. 700 years before Jesus came down to the earth from Heaven Isaiah was writing and preaching about Jesus, his person, and the ministry that he was going to have.

Today we are going to study Isaiah 11:1-9, which is a passage that is all about Jesus. In particular our focus is going to be Isaiah 11:2 which concerns the Holy Spirit’s involvement or role in the ministry and life of Christ. READ PASSAGE


The setting or background for this passage is as follows. The Assyrians had been brought by God upon the Israelites for their many sins against Him. They came as God’s instruments of judgment, laying waste to the people and to the land, destroying all that was in their path. However, of their own accord went far beyond God’s intended purposes. In chapter 10 of Isaiah, Isaiah encourages his fellow countrymen by telling them of the impending judgement of God that was going to come upon the Assyrians for their sins and cruelties. For their sins against God they, the Assyrians were going to be destroyed.

In picturing their coming destruction Isaiah likened the Assyrians as being great trees that God in a great display of power and wrath would chop down, never to rise or sprout again.

Over against this picture of the Assyrians as great trees being cut down never to rise or sprout again is Isaiah 11:1 which says “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit”

The wondrous news of v.1 is this: the line from which all the Davidic kings had come was going to sprout again. Israel was going to be restored. There would be another Davidic king.

Isaiah 11:1-9 as a whole concerns the coming of a future ruler and king from the humbled stump and line of Jesse/ David.

In relation to this our text does 5 things

1. Emphasizes God’s faithfulness to his promises

Isaiah 11:1 concerns God keeping his unconditional promise to David, (the promise that his throne would be established forever and that a King would sit on his throne forever). King Jesus is God’s final answer to his promise

2. Highlights the coming King’s or ruler’s humble beginnings: AKA: King Jesus’ humble and quiet beginnings

3. Details the role of the Holy Spirit in the life and ministry of this anticipated king or ruler (Jesus Christ)

4. Portrays the anticipated king/ ruler/ Jesus as a perfect ruler and king. (for he aids the poor and downtrodden and deals in most definite ways with those who are wicked)

5. Pictures the effects of this coming ruler and king/ Jesus as resulting in the state of the world being like Eden was before the Fall of mankind.


A few weeks ago we did a great study in Isaiah 61:1-3. Verse 1 of Isaiah 61 begins in this way “The Spirit of the LORD God is on me”.

As you and I have studied these various passages in the book of Isaiah that concern Jesus Christ we have seen that the Holy Spirit held a prominent place in Jesus’ life and ministry.

Jesus’ ministry, which started at his baptism by John the Baptist, was a Spirit led, Spirit directed, Spirit empowered ministry. When Jesus spoke it was by the Holy Spirit’s direction and leading. When he healed or cast out demons it was by the Holy Spirit. Even his movements from place to place were directed by the Holy Spirit. All of these facts have a direct bearing on our lives as Christians because the same Holy Spirit who was upon Christ, indwells us.

Here in today’s text we again are brought face to face with the role and place of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ life and ministry. In particular 6 workings of the Spirit in the life of Jesus are anticipated and spoken of.

Read v.2 again….

The 6 workings of the Spirit in the life and ministry of Christ.

1. Endow him with Wisdom

A result of the Spirit’s infilling of Christ was going to be this: he was going to be wise.

As you and I have had time to consider the life and ministry of Christ one of the things that stands out is Jesus’ wisdom. In all respects he was a wise man- far wiser than the Bible’s other wise man King Solomon.

Wisdom is something that is expressed. It stems from knowing what is right but culminates in doing what is right and the right time.

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