Summary: If we will listen, we will hear, and we too will know the things of God because Jesus has sent us the Holy Spirit! We are not alone, and we should never feel like we are.

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The Work of the Spirit

John 15:26-16:15

This evening we have a message of good news – of hope for all of us

Many struggles exist: family, health, financial, job, etc.

But we are not alone – we have help and guidance (read passage)

∆ Jesus’s Promises the Spirit

Jesus promises that we will receive an advocate; a helper in life (testifies)

Then, the disciples receive some not so welcome news: you’ll be shunned

Why? Because people will be convinced they are doing God’s work

This sounds so much like today it is almost scary …

The world does this because they deny Christ; they don’t want Him

Jesus tells us this (v4) so when we face it, we would also know

IMP: It is good that He is going away (v7) … this act brings the comforter

∆ What is the Spirit’s work?

v8-11: Jesus tells them the Spirit will do three separate things

All of these serve one purpose: to prove the world’s ideology wrong

Re: the world will always want to lure you in … Jesus speaks against that

- Sin: people like their stuff; they do not want to repent; Jesus not needed

- Righteousness: Jesus will be exalted to the heavenly place; Spirit confirms

- Judgment: Satan (prince of this world) is condemned; God is Holy and Just

Most will try to figure this out on their own; and miss the words

Jesus already said “I am the way…”, and now He shows them why

The world will seek to prove itself correct; but will always come up short

The things of this world will always leave you empty (bigger house, etc.)

Even in our troubles, the Spirit provides guidance and comfort (v12)

He speaks what He hears (incredible word picture … He hears from God)

He will glorify Jesus (lesson: what doesn’t glorify Him is not OF Him)

He glorifies Jesus because Jesus is the one who speaks to Him (v14)

The Spirit (v15) will tell us what we need; spoken in prayer/worship/etc

∆ Big Idea : If we will listen, we will hear, and we too … will know!

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