Summary: In conjunction with a Gideon presentation this morning, this short devotion is presented from Matthew and examines the church's call to go ... for the harvest is ready yet the workers are few. (Ref: Matthew 9:35-38)

The Workers are Needed

Matthew 9:35-38


- Thank you Bro Wilson for coming and presenting us a witness to service

- I've a very short devotional this morning that I'd like to share with the church

- If I could, I’d like to encourage us all a bit in this calling to service we each have

- It is a calling that we have to go, tell, preach, and live the Gospel of Christ

- This morning, take a look in your Bibles at Matthew 9

- Stand and read Matthew 9:35-38 / Pray

Point 1 – Going is the motto

- Jesus was the model to the disciples to go; and He is our model to go today

- We see that everywhere there were people, He went – He never stayed put

- Preaching in synagogues, villages, temples, cities, etc.; Jesus taught by going

- He was faithful to ensure that they saw the Father, and not the Son (expound)

Point 2 – He had compassion

- The Bible records in Luke 19:41 that as Jesus approached Jerusalem He wept

- I believe He looks at our world even today and weeps over it

- These people were helpless; rambling about – lost w/o direction and focus

- BUT! Compassion that He has is remarkable; and He's demonstrating it here

- He is led to heal; led to restore; led to even forgive because of His love

- Believers today need to have the same demonstration of compassion (strive to it)

Point 3 – Our response as the Body

- Jesus is asking the Father to send out the workers for the harvest is needed

- Gideons: Whether it is placing Bibles or witnessing through their testimony

- Isaiah: Called in Chapter 6 and obeyed fully to go; Disciples in Matthew 28

- We are all called to give the Gospel to everyone we come across

- Results of this obedience is the church today (Acts 2)


- Invite singers

- We've seen several examples this morning of going, and serving faithfully

- Every head bowed and every eye closed

- If you’ve never received Jesus as your Lord and Savior …

- Maybe you know Jesus but it is time to return to Him wholeheartedly …

- Pray

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