Summary: Message discussing Jesus’ willingness to go; and our need to follow His example.

The workers are needed

Matthew 9:35-38

- This message tonight which will lead up to Sunday morning (special service)

- It is important that we understand our place in the Gospel; to spread it at all costs

- As a believer, we are no longer on the side line – we are on the front line now

- Tonight, let’s see if we cannot get our batteries charged for next week’s work

Read passage

Point 1 – What is our example?

- Look what Jesus did; he went from town to town teaching, preaching, healing

- Imagine if we did that? How would the Gospel be impacted in Alabama?

- The model we have of Jesus traveling ought to be our desire as believers

- We should desire to move forward all the time – never sitting still or idle

- VBS is an opportunity where potentially the lost come here to see us; John 14:6

- It is one of the only times where possibly non-churched come to church; purposefully

- Following this example of Christ, we see where even He was touched

Point 2 – Having compassion is required

- Compassion is something really lacking in this world today; maybe in our city

- Jesus saw the cities and felt for them; understanding the lost and their feelings

- As our Lord looked upon the city; how do you think he felt? How do you feel?

- Luke 19:41, “As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it.”

- His emotion for God’s chosen people is clearly understood here; how’s yours?

- Being a believer means it is because someone else introduced you to Jesus

- Look at the compassion shown by our Lord, by the one given to you

- Psalm 86:11 is the theme for this year’s VBS -- “Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.”

- We need to be taught; and when we are taught we then have a fear of God

- This places God’s priority first in our life because of our respect for Him

- Then we can understand what it is that we need to do – we need to GO!

Point 3 – Who will go?

- Last week we examined Isaiah’s willingness to get clean and THEN go

- This week, be encouraged by God’s willingness to clean us up; but then we GO

- V37-38 is a true summary of the church today; importance is clearly obvious

- There are many to be brought to salvation; but not many willing to work

- We as a church must be willing to change that! We have to light the fire again!

- Look at end of v38; Jesus is asking God to send out the workers; that’s us!

- Salvation is meant for all that may hear it; and it is our calling to do it, now


- Who will go? Who is willing to move forward in God’s desires and not our own?

- I am praying that a hundred will come; and that God will begin to bring a revival here

- We are the ones who are to stand in the gap; we must be willing to deliver

- Will you pray for VBS? Will you take part in VBS? Will you help bring the harvest to our church?

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