Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Our happiness cannot be attained through money, but by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The World and its Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Acts 3: 1-11


• Satan’s main strategy with God’s people has always been to whisper; don’t call, don’t ask, don’t depend on God to do great things.

• Satan will tell you to rely on your own cleverness and energy; your’ll get along just fine.

• The more we pray, the more sense our need to pray; and the more we sense to pray, the more we want to pray.

• God is attracted to weakness; he cannot resist those who humbly and honestly admit who desperately need him.

• Prayer begins by a stirring within.

• We see the interworks in the early church (2 Acts)

• Continued steadfast in the Apostles doctrine

• Baptism of the saints

• Breaking of bread

• We see the gladness and simplicity of the people’s heart.

• We also see in Acts 3 the Outter working of the Church.

• We see the involvement of the church within the community.

I. Hope Brings a Togetherness (verse 1)

A. Hope will empower the unity of the brethren

B. Hope will use opposite people with differences of administrations and gifts from God.

C. Hope will encourage prayer

II. Hope will Change our Condition (verse 2)

A. We were BORN dead and crippled in trespass and sin; WE DID NOT GROW INTO THAT CONDITION

B. Our condition will determine who carry’s us through our difficulties; Sin pronounces sometimes a sickness that removes the Holy Ghost power from our souls.

C. SIN dilutes our ability to live a bountiful life in Christ.

III. HOPE is not Based on the Beauty of Religion (verse 2)

A. Gate of the temple was called Beautiful

B. Religion will dress/adorn itself in a Wray of beauty and sparkling adoration; but has NO POWER.

C. This gate for this man was an avenue of maybe/could be’s/food/survival

D. The only way he could get there was being carried by people; it was the people who if generous that day would provide some hopefulness for this man

IV. HOPE must be instilled by the Believer before it can be shared with the hopeless (verse ¾)

A. Our attitudes must reflect hope.

B. Our walk must reflect hope.

C. Our actions must reflect hope.

D. Our Hope comes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

1. The carpenter’s son

2. The one who is the author and finisher of our faith

3. The sustainer

4. It cannot be the Jesus of the Mormons, Jehovah witness, the Buddhists, the cemetery club of America.

5. We must call him by NAME.

V. HOPE must have our Attention (verse 4)

A. We must fix our eyes upon Him

B. We must expect to receive.

C. Hope extends its arm and lifts people up.

D. Hope restores those who have dry, broken, separate bones; it brings the old, dead, dry army of Israel back to its feet.

E. After restoration, the Holy Spirit breaths live back into the believer.

VI. HOPE changes us physically but Mentally (verse 9)

A. The man went from being carried by others to being carried by his Holy Spirit feet and legs.

B. He was blind in sin, but was made whole who was not inprisonned by the shackles of sin.


1. He was born lame, and all are born sinners.

2. He could not walk, and no sinner can walk so as to please God.

3. He was outside the temple, and sinners are outside God’s temple, the church.

4. He was begging, for sinners are beggars, searching for satisfaction.

Peter performed this miracle to prove to the Jews that the Holy Spirit had come with promised blessings. Isaiah 35:6 promises the Jews that Israel would enjoy such miracles when their Messiah was received.

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