Summary: This sermon tells you how the world and humans got here.

Today we will be talking about the world. Yes this is correct we will be talking about the world in which you and I live in today. Many people will tell you there theory on how the world came about. Just like some people have there theory about how human beings came unto the earth.

The world that you see before you today did not come about from science. No human science professor created the world. And no we as humans did not come from an animal. Now you may be asking me then how did we come here? Well that answer is easy to answer ladies and gentlemen. The answer that I give you today will be that of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen the world came about because God created it. That is right God created everything that you see before your eyes today. God is the one that reproduced the light, so that we would not be in the dark. God even created the plants and the animals, so that we could have shade on the hot days, and a friend to hang with when we are all alone.

We as human beings were created by God as well. You see after God created the world he took the time to create human beings. You see God had all of these plants and animals , but he did not have anyone to share them with. So God created man and called him Adam. Adam was to watch over and take care of the animals. Once God created Adam, he realized that Adam needed a mate as well, so he created Eve. Eve came from the rib of Adam, and would be known as Adam's wife. Adam and Eve would be the first husband and wife of many to come.

So remember the next time you wonder about how the world came here, remember that God did it. When you wonder how you came here, remember God wanted you here. When you wonder how your parents got together, remember God wanted them together. Anything that God wants he creates, and puts together. God can do this because he is in total control of everything. And all of God's children said on one accord three times AMEN!

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