Summary: Ask a hundred people what is worship....and you’ll probably get 100 different answers. What does the Word tell us about worship ? This series deals with "The Word On Worship"

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The Worship God Desires

John 4:16-24

Jesus had came to Samaria for one purpose. He came there to transform the

life of a woman. One who had been confused, abused, and used.

Here was the root of her problems.

1. Her Relationships Were Wrong.

Jn. 4:16-18

2. Her Reasoning Was Wrong.

V. 19

3. Her Religion Was Wrong. V. 20

Everything about her could have been drastically changed if only her life

had been changed by a relationship with the one true God.

Nothing else in our life will ever be totally in order until we get this one

thing in right !

Jesus transformed this woman. He changed her life......he changed her life

totally. God wants to change us this morning. He wants to save us if we

are lost......and to the church this morning........he wants to transform

the way that we worship.

Some go to church to take a walk. Some go to church to laugh and talk. Some

go to church to meet a friend. Some go to church, their time to spend. Some

go to church to meet a another.

Some go to church, a fault to cover. Some go to church for speculation. Some

go to church for observation. Some go to church to doze and nod. The wise go

there to worship God.- Author Unknown

Henry Ward Beecher was a great pastor of yesteryear. He had to be absent

from the pulpit once Sunday, and so he asked his brother Thomas Beecher to

fill in. When many of the folks saw that the famous Henry Beecher was not

going to be preaching that Sunday.....they begin to leave. Undisturbed,

Thomas simply said......would those who came to worship Henry Ward Beecher

please leave, but those who came to worship God please be seated.

Hopefully we have come to worship today. Today we look at the kind or type

worshipers that God is looking for.

I. God Is Seeking Those Who Will Worship In The Spirit.

Story: There was a law firm called "Head & Hart". After many years Hart you know what was left ? You might say......"All head & no heart". I wonder how much of our worship is all head and no heart !

Phil 3:3 For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

What happens when we worship in the Spirit.......?

1. The Spirit Produces Life.

a. The services will come alive.

b. The sermons will come alive.

Joke: Story about a church....had a man in the choir who couldn’t sing. Others tried to help him find other places of ministry in the church without hurting his feelings but with no success. The choir director became so desperate that he went to the Pastor. The music director told the Pastor that he had to do something or he would quit, and half the choir would as

well. After trying to beat around the bush, and make a point unsucessfully....the Pastor finally told the man that he needed to leave the choir......why asked the man......Several people have told me you can’t sing

! That’s nothing....fifty people have told me you can’t preach.....but you’re still here !

c. The singing will come alive.

d. The souls will come alive.

You read over in the book of Gen and you’ll find that the first thing that moved on the earth was The Spirit of God.....but it seems to be the last thing moving in the church today. Our services are more like wakes than worship......We’re stiff, and over starched..dried up, dormant and dead........instead of entering his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.....we walk in looking like our father in heaven died, and didn’t leave us a cent.

2. The Spirit Provides Liberty.

2 Cor. 3:17

When we worship in the Spirit..we will be free......

a. from the confinement of place.

b. from the commands of people.

c. from the conformity to the past.

3. The Spirit Pours Out Love.

Rom. 5:5

When we worship in the Spirit our church.....lives will abound in love...

a. Love for the sanctuary.

b. Love for the scriptures.

c. Love for the saints.

d. Love for sinners.

II. God Is Seeking Those Who Will Worship In Sincerity.

1. Sincere in Purpose.

I love what David said in Psa 5:7 But as for me, I will come into thy

house in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy fear will I worship toward

thy holy temple.

Now that is sincerity in worship. David had the right motive.....the correct purpose for his worship !

We need to be sincere in our purpose or motive for worshipping. Old song......I don’t know what you came to do.......people come to worship

services for different reasons. The Pharisees of Jesus day just wanted to be seen, and heard ! They wanted to make a name for themselves.....and they

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